First, watch the recording of our meeting:

Your Mission:

  • Design a Discovery Session.
    Name it, describe how it aligns with your main offer.
    Highlight the benefits of having one.
  • List the content you might discuss.
    Invite your cohort to practice. Set a time/date with at least one other DDR member to practice having a Discovery Session.
  • Recap your practice session and identify one area you want to improve.
  • Post your answers to the sales forum no later than NOON Friday, June 19th @ Noon (PST)

Each person who meets the deadline is entered to win: ONE FREE 30-min strategy session. (Can be used to help with anything marketing/biz related.)

Remember: Use our Facebook group to get as much feedback and brainstorming help as you can. Find and commit to your practice buddy NOW.

For additional review, download the slides: B&L – Knead – Sales Conversations

[Optional] Additional Reading:

Sacred Commerce [book]