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    I’ve done some brainstorming and wondered if you’d take a look at my ideas. I had to do this mind map from my 8-Limbed path program and work backwards for my pink spoon and small taste.

    I really think my superpowers are:
    *Building relationships. I love doing this and good at it! I love connecting people together.
    *I also love forming communities. This comes so naturally. I’ve organized a huge group online a few years ago called the 30-day challenge about making a positive impact in your life/business consistently for 30 days. Now, I’ve got my Tri-state Hikers Group with more than 100 people in a local hiking group. Last Sunday, there were over 12 people that hiked on Sunday am together.
    * I love teaching. This is evident by teaching yoga, sharing ideas, and leading workshops. One of my favorite things to do.
    *I’m creative. Most of my referrals come to me because of my creativity helping them formulate a plan whether to leave their job or implement something new. I love to paint and create art romancing that side of my brain.

    That being said, here’s my offerings:

    My Signature Program (BASIC): $68 month or $500 for the entire thing
    The 8-Limbed Path to a Soulful Business
    8 months of themed topics around building a soulful business (Focuses include Life, Knowledge, Spirit, Purpose, Union, Self, Breath and Relationships)
    EAch month includes:
    1. Dharma Talk (conference line or google chat)
    2. Mastermind Group with no more than 5 per group
    3. Karma Project centered around the topic
    4. Community

    1:1 business coaching for 3-months. $300 X3 months = $900
    business + life blocks lifted= prosperous business

    create your business blueprint by helping you:
    Build a community for your product
    marketing funnel
    build trust in your product
    monthly mastermind group

    Single month Dharma Talk attendance with PDF $38

    Drip campaign when they sign up to create a Pinterest Board on their Business Purpose. There will be a series of 3 e-mails to help them identify their business purpose and will send me the visual Pinterest board. Once completed, they will receive 1 FREE Dharma Talk of their choice.

    What do you think about the name of my signature program?
    Do you like the monthly format? (I wanted a way for people to attend all or part based on what they need)

    I’ll also be doing networking Meetups with a 20-minute Dharma Talk based on those topics followed by networking with conversation topics on each table done locally.

    Thank you in advance for any insight.



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    Tea Silvestre

    Great brainstorming Stacey! I do like the name of your signature program since I love yoga and have practiced for years, I am familiar with the 8 limbs of yoga, but I’m wondering how will other soul centered business owners who might not understand what the 8 limbs are get it. How do you explain this to them?

    Is the Signature Program your basic program? Does the Main offer include all the things in your Signature program too? How often and how long are the master minds and 1 on 1 sessions. With this clarity I will understand the value. How many people do you want to sign up? Make sure you charge enough to earn what you want.

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    Thank you for responding to my offers.

    I added more info about WHY the 8-limbed reference because of your comment. Thanks!

    The 8-limbed Path is a Taste. I’d like to have 15-20 to sign up for this program.

    My Main program is my 3-month coaching package
    My bonus is the Business Blueprint

    I’m planning some interviews and podcasts for free coming up in a pink spoon, too.

    Here’s the updated version online:


    Thank you!


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    Hi Stacey,

    I love your Pink Spoon and Small Taste offerings. They’re clearly explained and very attractive.

    Your reply to Alecia made me think about your Signature Program (BASIC). As I read through it, I wanted to know more. I have to admit that it hits me not as a basic offering but as a Main + offering.

    Another question that came up for me is this. How can you show the connection between your offerings more clearly? Is there a natural succession from one program to the next?


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    I think you’re right! The 8-Limbed Path is my main program. I would like for it to be considered one of my signature programs.

    I foresee people to invest in this 8-month program and then hire me for more extensive work like my Business Blueprint and/or 3-month coaching package as an add on. I even thought of offering a special of these programs for the people that are involved in my 8-Limbed path program.

    Yes, I agree. I need to make it more clear how one program is a connection to the next one. So the 3-month coaching or the Business Blueprint is an add on to the Main (8-Limbed Path) program.

    Maybe the 8-Limbed Path should have a hook like:
    Are you a budding entrepreneur?

    The 3-month Coaching program should read:
    Is your business a little stale? Not going in the direction you want?

    The Business Blueprint Should read:
    Would you like to divide, organize and conquer in your business?

    Something like that. What do you think? Should I have something more yogic for my theme?

    Thank you so much, Yota!


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    So the 8-Limbed Path is your core program. As you know, in yoga the core supports everything else. What if you thought about the core and how you work with it as a yoga teacher. Then apply these principles to your core program. From there, and once the core is stable and fully engaged, we look at the various aspects you shared with me.

    I think it’s a great idea to bring in yogic terms. Think of asanas / poses. Just thinking out loud now . . . For the Business Blueprint . . . to divide, organize, and conquer don’t you have to adopt the Warrior’s Pose?

    A budding entrepreneur could be a beginner. What does a beginner in Yoga need to pay attention to? Breath? Learning to breathe right balances the energy and energizes the body. Is that something a budding entrepreneur needs to learn? Balance and invest his/her energies wisely?

    Is your business stale? Time for some cleansing/ rigorous breathing (breath of fire) to infuse your business with much needed oxygen.

    Taking a step further, what if you offered recommendations of yoga poses to go with the different programs? Is this too over the tops? :-))


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    I think this sounds fabulous! Why is it so hard to do this for your own business? When I work with clients, it comes so naturally but maybe its just too close?

    I made some changes. Thank you! WEBSITE

    Let me know if I can help you with anything at all!


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    Hi Stacey,

    It’s always harder to take in the big picture when we’re too close. You’re not alone. I visited your website. Good job integrating yoga language. I love the Warrior’s mindset:-) Can’t wait to hear how it all goes.

    Thank you for the offer by the way.

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    Tea Silvestre

    You’re definitely on the right track, Stacey. And yes, Yota is right — all of these offers need to be clearly connected to each other. Your 8-Limbed Path is definitely a signature/core offer as it showcases your stance on business/life integration. YOGA. The other pieces are add-ons. So for example, it would be optimal for all your clients to have gone through the 8-limbed path program. What I’d suggest is that you look at doing 3 pkgs that include that program. (Not unlike how I do the DDR.) I offer 1:1 time for DDR members AND I also sell my 1:1 time separately. You can do that as well.

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    I get it. Include the 8-LImbed path as part of the other 2 programs. I’ll work on that today.

    Talk to you in a bit.


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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi there. As a new-ish member, I’m catching up on assignments and getting into the groove of offering feedback. 🙂

    I have some experience with yoga–have taken about 10 in-person classes over the years (that’s not much), but I am totally in love with the Eric Shiffman/Ali McGraw dvd that was shot in White Sands New Mexico and have practically worn it out over the last several years.

    So.. I love yoga, have practiced mostly on my own, but am not familiar with a lot of the terminology. Although I may not be an ideal client, I can say that not knowing the 8 Limbed Path, I felt a bit of confusion reading the page devoted to this offering. Having to scroll down quite a bit to get an explanation of what it is felt like I was having to dig too much just to get up to speed. So, I suggest having that basic explanatory text right after the bullet points and before the first “FORMAT” subhead. Or.. better yet, infuse your introductory text with an explanation. If people already get it, they can scan over it and land on a bullet point or a headline.

    Or.. you could rename it something less esoteric, but have a tagline associated with the new name that specifically says it’s based on the 8-Limbed Path. Really depends on how many prospects understand the vocabulary.

    I agree with Tea and Yota on having your offerings lock into and relate to one another. On the main page, I’m unsure of whether you’re starting with the low offering or the high… no indication of pricing, so I have to click to find out… that’s an obstruction to clarity.

    LOVE the Pinterest offering, as well as the single month Dharma talk.

    NAVIGATION: Your “Work with Me” nav item has one drop down saying “Business Coaching/Mentoring.” This adds a visual step that need not be there. Instead, why not just say “Coach with Me”? Right now, your tagline says nothing about coaching. “Yoga of Business” could mean a few things. If “Coach with Me” is in the nav, it will help to quickly orient your first-time visitors that coaching is what you do.

    Hope this is helpful.

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