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    Tea Silvestre

    OK, I’ll take the plunge and go first.

    I promise to be brief, and stay on-topic.

    I’m Jim, of course, and that is my real name. SoWrite.Us.com is my first serious attempt at a “blog” that might earn money. SoWrite hosts writing contests that help new writers get exposure for their publications. I also include writing and publishing advice from myself and guest authors, as well as interviews of members of my network. I’m planning to include more book reviews, going forward, partly to reinforce my so-called Authority.

    Current goal: Finish and publish my opt-in ebook. (All copy is written)

    Longer-term goal: Finish and publish my first true product, a long-form guide editing/revising guide for aspiring and new authors. (Copy is appx 50% complete)

    I need help with time and task management, esp’y from those of you who believe you’ve made great strides in that area. I value your feedback and appreciate the ways we all help keep each other accountable.


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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi Jim,
    I look forward to reading your book.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Thanks, Alecia!

    I’ll be sure to announce the release on the DDR group area.

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