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    I found that being accountable to writing my business activities down, I was much more aware of what I was doing and not so apt to get lost in email or Facebook, (so I may not have actually found a true time measure of what I have been doing.) But, I think it was all good. As a result of this exercise, I am implementing a series of both calendar prompts and app reminders to remain accountable to both my personal progress on my goals and tasks that need to be accomplished within the business.

    So the areas that I am being more accountable to myself are writing, researching other areas online to expand our teaching, and accounting time.

    Success Criteria
    I think my success criteria are not too difficult to figure out. It’s about doing the planning and figuring out what it’s going to take to make it happen. It’s easy to write a list of goals or to-dos, but it’s another thing to actually complete that list and be accountable to it. That’s my biggest issue is being accountable to myself and not making that my last priority.

    I am experimenting with a task app called Due. It gently reminds me when a task is due and if I haven’t completed it, I can reschedule for a time when I think I can complete it, and I will get another reminder. I can schedule the tasks out for any date. I think this may work better for me than scheduling tasks on my calendar as they easily get overlooked for some reason.

    I have also scheduled in my time my calendar for writing and CEO activities. I will make this time sacred, and if for some reason I can’t follow through with it, I will reschedule it within that day.

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