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    Bar JD is focused on developing client Internet presence. I seem to have more appeal to beginners who want an internet presence, but have been waiting to see if this Internet thing would last. I have had one client who needed his internet presence cleaned up. (I didn’t learn that until after I had worked on it for awhile)

    I use Nurture Marketing as a platform, working with their websites and guiding them toward marketing practices.

    Content Topics for the Next 6 months. (SIZ? SiX? Arrggg – yer killin’ me)
    Feb, March, April, May, June, July
    Content Topics seems like French for Blog Posts to me, but as I read down through the assignments, I’m thinking that there could be more ‘item’s, such as NEWLETTERS (French for long emails), short ebooks, reports or ‘white papers’ — white seems kind of serious, so maybe an ‘ivory paper’.
    I want to begin to schedule a newsletter or LONG email at least once a month. Since I’ve not done anything with mine for YEARS, once a month is enough to ease my poor list into watching for me.
    With the blog posts, I’m not going to over commit. I will commit to two posts per month, a total of twelve. Each will include a call to action to contact me for their website services first.
    Topic: Web Content Readability. I have ‘starts’ ready for four posts on readability. 12 minus4 leaves 8
    Topic: Reviews: I have business books read and follow several web services and tools that I could review I will write four posts reviewing website tools and business books. 8 minus 4 leaves 4
    Topic: Marketing: I will write two posts about marketing using your website and internet presence
    Topic: SEO: I will write two posts about SEO for your website, focus on good content and keywords
    Once a month, write a condensation post for LinkedIn publishing around one of the posts, but keep the readability one until the end so that I can make it a composite.
    Write on these to have them finished asap. Because of the flow for this document, I have plans now to write during the TOMATO tomorrow.
    February: Readability, Review,
    March: Readability, Marketing
    April, Readability, SEO
    May, Readability, Review
    June: Review, Marketing
    July: Review, SEO
    How do these topics support my biz/revenue goals
    They will establish the voice of my website and my business to readers. I feel I can put these articles out and be proud of them
    What Format
    I didn’t ‘get’ this at first, so planned out blog posts. Then I went back to add a newsletter.
    • Blog Posts
    • Newsletter
    I like to do infographics, but haven’t had much chance to apply them. I would like to expand my efforts in some infographics to reinforce the topics. Now, I’ve just increased my number of times to publish?
    Not much is in the plan at this time. Closest would be to write these items so that they have a long life and will be available for repurpose later.
    The newsletter would be a compilation of the blog topics with some extra candy included, but I don’t think that qualifies as repurposing.
    What do I need?
    Maintain my enthusiasm which lets me manage my time better. I have nothing on my plate that there is not time to do…but I am adrift. Two things that are going to be helping are client tasks that are getting me back into gear. I just had a Skype conversation with a client who extended some time and asked me to be patient and take ‘baby steps’ on the projects I have with them. I can write tomorrow during the Tomato. I just looked and see that another event, a hangout, is scheduled for the afternoon, making it fit in nicely with the Tomato!

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    How long has it been since you sent an email to your list? Maybe send them an “I’m back” email letting them know what to expect and encouraging them to opt out if they are no longer interested.

    This may be more a personal preference, but I dislike long newsletters. I like those that give me a paragraph or two from a long post with the option to continue reading (if it is a lot of content). So you might even survey your list for their preference on length.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Can you repurpose into some kind of ebook or program or podcast or downloadable, sellable something? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I know you’ll get more specific on these topics too. JoAnn’s idea of sending an “I’m back” message could be helpful. I know the jury is out on whether short or long emials are best, so I also like JoAnn’s idea of the survey.

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    Thank you, JoAnn and Gloria!

    JoAnn: I did recently send that email. Aweber says the list has 79 (some of them are ME as a tester), 13 opened the email, 2 unsubscribed. One I couldn’t relate to and the other was sort of painful because she and I were partners in the Nurture Marketing training! Maybe it was the misspelled word in the subject. The percentages aren’t bad. I do like something that MailChimp does when they report what is common for similar businesses, such as non-profits in terms of opens and clicks. I haven’t found that at Aweber yet.

    GLoria: My first thought was that the old posts are such DRIVEL or are dated as to be of little use. But, after reading some of the repurpose plans here, I’m thinking even going back over them can turn on some new lights.

    This assignment has been so good for me because it has become an editorial calendar. Yesterday I was about to run down a bunny trail of posting when I looked at the list. I was supposed to write something else for the rest of this month and drop it!

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    Tea Silvestre

    So glad to hear this exercise is keeping you focused, Judy. Yes, take your readability posts and repurpose them by combining into a free ebook. Re-write and polish old posts. There’s plenty to do without reinventing the wheel.

    As for length of your newsletters, it may be helpful to alternate short/long and see what happens in terms of open, clicks, and unsubscribes. A survey may not get you the info you need — especially as many folks may either ignore the survey or respond in a way they “think” they should.

    Short content can still be drivel. And long content works great as long as it’s not boring. You’ll need to experiment to find out what works best for you.

    And in terms of staying on track — use your DDR buddy to stay accountable. Post your intentions in the FB group. We’ll look forward to hearing more from you!

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    March Blog Titles:
    Readability: Readability — Working with Reading Levels to Fit Your Readers
    Marketing: Against Your Nurture — Biz Kill Marketing

    The posts are ready to be scheduled for March.

    February WAS:
    Have You Thought About Readability Today?
    Avoiding Skewed Entrepreneurial Strategies, Beilin and DelFino, authors.

    They’ve gone live.
    Now to be thinking about ways to post about this on LinkedIn and ways to dream up a regular email/newsy note to my list.

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