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    Here are the beginnings of my sales page.
    I’m still updating the page as we speak. Need to add more of what I love to do in this.

    It’s a new “doorway” product that I’m hoping to upsell into branding services.

    Also, the goal of the product sales page is to niche into specific industry. One I get this page optimized, I plan to replicate for other industries in the health wellness area since most people have this problem.

    Also, wrote an ebook which includes content from the personal letter I wrote. Where can I upload this?

    Looking for testimonials from my beta test but for now I’m using case studies.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi Eva,
    So much goodness here!
    Can you tell me-are your clients fairly savvy about marketing but don’t have the time or are they pretty much marketing newbies?
    If they are newbies then some of the language that you use will be confusing or meaningless-ie, ‘this is your unique selling proposition’ and ‘offer white paper to get people to opt-in”. You may want to make sure you turn your marketing lingo into simple layman terms.
    I found the offering of the ebook and the case studies too soon on the page….you had me hooked about needing a way to grow my relationships via marketing but I felt like I wanted to know more about exactly what you were offering before I got more ebook info or case study proof.
    I loved the phrase ‘like having an inhouse marketing team without the added expense”-YES PLEASE!!!
    You may want to consider listing it as Step 1, Step 2 versus Week 1, etc made me worry that if it was on such a tight timeline I may not be able to fit it into my already busy schedule…or that at first it was more like a course.
    Is there a week 3 and 4? (I know you said you were still building it, so I am not sure)

    When I got to the ‘many other benefits of your services’ section I totally hit overwhelm…feeling like I didn’t have the time to figure it all out. Maybe just lay out the services at each price level rather than having me look at all 6 boxes at once.

    And I am still not 100% clear-is this all online marketing or some combination of other methods as well-ie mailings,business cards, suggestions for speaking engagements,etc.

    I did enjoy the graphics.
    What a great concept! Good luck with it.

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    Thanks Sandra for the great feedback!! I so appreciate it.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi Eva,
    YES! this flows SO much easier for me now. You have done a great job of clarifying exactly what you are doing(in simple terms) and why, up front so that I feel much more compelled to keep reading. And I love how you have added the ebook at the end for those who may still think they can do this themselves. Lots of info here and yet it doesn’t feel scrolly, scrolly to me.

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    Tea Silvestre

    You’ve done a great job of laying out the copy, Eva. Lots of visual interest and it’s not too text heavy. Once you’ve made the changes we talked about in today’s meeting, share a link with us in the FB group so we can take another look!

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