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    May 2015

    Plan to improve this month:

    Reveal more about me in email. Pull back the curtain a bit and let people know a little about me/my travel experiences in an effort to warm up the emails and make less corporate.
    Went well- I felt more comfortable sharing snippets of my life which seem relevant. This resulted in people emailing me back to add their comments about the topic.
    Room to improve: better story telling in email. Work in progress but getting better. I too hate the 1/2 story in email.

    If all goes well- next area of improvement will be subject lines. What creates curiosity but not seem spammy.
    Good response: Communication Problems in China – relatable so opened
    Poor response: Do you worry about safety when you travel?- not sure why not liked- probably too spammy low open rate.

    Sign up for DDR emails– done.

    Email subject lines
    None were questions. All were specific, direct and short:
    adjective subject verb to results

    Favorite emails-that get opened
    One is a special food blog- for a specific problem which applies to me/my health – she sends recipes I can actually eat and shares other tips/tricks
    One is an exceptionally good writer- who cares what she writes about it’s always good
    One is a competitor- just to keep tabs on their focus what they are doing
    One is a skill set- how to be a better speaker, tips and ideas

    So all have a specific goal- most improve me/my health one entertains me.

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