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    In my work with professional women and women entrepreneurs who are 40-forward, my ideal client is normally found on LinkedIn. I long ago built up my profile, reached out and connected and grew my community and joined various groups where I could share information, resources, add to the discussion, etc.

    When I was doing this I found that I had regular success securing 1-1 coaching clients (usually a 3 to 6 month retainer package) from women who sought me out after following me on LinkedIn.

    Then I got lazy, distracted and spent too much time on other social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Don’t get me wrong, being on these sites serves a purpose, but my clients as a general rule aren’t on these social media channels and the ROI was less than stellar.

    So, this exercise came exactly at the right time to rev up my presence on LinkedIn once again. First thing I did was to update my profile and add certain awards, recognitions, etc., to my profile that help to showcase my work as a coach for midlife business women. I also went through and began commenting in groups and sharing resources (following Tea’s outline for the 10 days) – but I limited it to 5 main groups: Boomer Nation, NAFE (female executives), ForbesWoman, What’s Next: Midlife Career Change and Business & Professional Women.

    As a result of spending 10-15 minutes a day focusing on LinkedIn, I received 23 new connection requests – the vast majority were women from these groups and who fit my demographic. I also get a good number of ‘likes’ and comments on any blog posts or articles I shared as well as discussions I started or chimed in on. The interaction was great and a long time overdue.

    I also have 4 strategy sessions lined up (starting last week) – these are complimentary sessions I offer for 25 minutes to see if the ‘fit’ is right and the timing right as well. I hope to secure 2 new clients as a result of these sessions and am doing more direct marketing to these women since they’ve added themselves to my ezine list (a total of 28 new subscribers attributed to LI since this experiment began). My goal is to have 6 new 1-1 coaching retainer clients on board by the end of February.

    Also, since my newest product [R]evolution: A Soulful & Practical Guide to Creating the Life You Want is not going to be strictly aimed at midlife business women, but can apply to women of all ages and walks of life, I will be doing more promoting of this product via ALL social media channels as well as via my email list (and advanced list where I currently have 128 women signed up who are ‘hot’ leads). The launch is set for Valentine’s Day – be your own Prince Charming and create the life of your dreams.

    Unfortunately, in the midst of doing this social media experiment, my website was hacked and I wasn’t able to write posts, etc or drive people to my site for the past several weeks because it was redirecting everyone to an Air Jordan’s shoe site. I have everything fixed now with the exception of Google – which for whatever reason is still redirecting everyone there, so G+, Google, Chrome are all affected. Hope to have that fixed a.s.a.p.

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    Tea Silvestre

    What an odyssey. You’re a real role model for results here, Evelyn. Thanks for sharing. Hope the web site issues are all resolved soon. Hackers!!

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    Tea Silvestre

    This is such a great story and example of what’s possible, Evelyn. Be sure to follow up again with us and let us know if you stay on track and how your sales unfold.

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