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    Block out time on your calendar to wear your CEO & Manager Hats. Tell us what times you chose & why.
    1. Friday afternoon so I can review and start Monday productive and clear.

    Outline your agendas for those meetings.
    2. Look at google analytics, where is my traffic coming from?

    Pick ONE piece of your business to systematize this month. SALES AND MARKETING
    3. Social Media (plan is that Sunday or Friday afternoon I will schedule all my posts for the week)
    – for each blog post I promote, pull out a few sounds bites
    – find other good articles to post
    – create some short engagement questions to post
    Think of a specific campaign for each platform
    – fb (try some sponsored stories)
    – twitter (get lists organized) engage with people that you want to meet
    – linkedin (start group, 6 months to exit)
    – google plus (same posts as fb, get active in groups)

    Follow up with people I meet at events through phone and email. Ask for coffee or to include on email list.
    Regularly contact and cultivate relationships with referral partners

    Attend one networking event per week, ask to be a speaker
    Spend 2 hours per week researching events and calling people

    Will I have time to do any of this is the question!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Great outline, Eva. Yes, finding enough time is always the question. That’s why I encourage everyone to schedule these blocks on your calendar. Keep them sacred. Don’t make other appointments on top of these. It takes a bit of discipline and practice, but if you do this regularly, you’ll get there. In terms of the agenda(s) for your CEO meetings, what other items will you look at besides Google Analytics?

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