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    A. My big why and how best to convey my message

    My motto so far: Community and support for smart expatriates (quite standard and dull)
    Refined motto I gave to Téa for the “altar”: Community to support trailing spouses when they’re lonely, exhausted and lost after having taken care of everyone else but themselves.

    However, I see a few “problems” with this definition: “trailing spouse” is jargon and most of the time accompanying spouses don’t know it (bad for SEO). The visualizing is not strong here either. So in an attempt to clarify this message, I’ve done a few things.

    Who I am: multipotentialite with a strong interest in psychology, cultures, languages, writing, entrepreneurship, SLOW marketing, alternative economy, care for the planet. I used to be a chemical engineer in a previous life. I also used to knit, crochet, play the piano but don’t have time any more. Mother of 4, wife of only one Muslim man.

    Quirks: I squinted till 6 years old until my parents took me to a renown specialist and got it removed. I also believe that the most important cause today is to save the planet. In this mission, we’re all involved but expats have the priviledge to see with their own eyes both the damages and the richness of the Earth and its peoples. Trailing spouses in particular through their suffering can increase their level of counsciousness and become more compassionate. They may then decide to change their lives and actively contribute to this mission if they get the proper help. Otherwise they may dwell in depression.

    Exploration of metaphors:
    Up to now I have 2 programs that I offer. Those are support group programs. The introductory one is called “Unpack Your Bags”. The second one (more advanced) is called “Deep Dive”. Somehow the theme of travel/movement is embedded into both offers/names. I brainstormed the usual vocabulary of the expat world: visa, residence permit, home, jet lag, relocation, move, jump on the train, take a ride, settle in, primary applicant, third culture kids. I guess I’d like to emphasize the INNER journey of the expat to explain what I do.

    How do I differentiate myself from my colleagues/competitors:
    There are probably around a few 100 expats coaches/intercultural trainers/relocation consultants. They all tell that they can help you by telling you more about culture or more about how to find a job/rent a house/learn a new language/set yourself a portable career.
    My approach is different: I work with groups (not one on one) and my philosophy is that each of us has an inner voice to tell us best what to do. However we need the power of community to hear it and implement what it whispers to us.

    How do I go from there? Any suggestion is welcome!

    B. Partnerships and colleagues
    1. This community: heart-centred! So important. Sarah Kohl (travel medicine doctor) and I are working together (monthly meetings) and I recently posted an interview of her on jet lag on my blog. She introduced me to a travel consultant whose specialty is to advise travel managers in corporations. He’s more focused on airline and hotel costs but open to introduce the “relationship” and emotional wear and tear of the frequent traveller. Gabrielle (psychotherapist) and I also have started to exchange more with each other.

    2. Counselor in my neighborhood
    I reached out on Monday to another counselor who is a bit more experienced than I am to explore collaboration possibilities.

    3. Cancer Council volunteering
    In order to get more experience in groups, I volunteered at my local Cancer Council office. I’m impressed by their professionalism and their inclusion. I was invited yesterday at a free training day that was compulsary for all their paid employees. It was right on my topic: the Aboriginal culture and challenges.

    Thanks for your learned comments 🙂

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    Tea Silvestre

    Anne, did you take the Story Type assessment? I’m wondering if you were a Journey-Return or a Rebirth? Maybe both? The travel metaphors are certainly applicable to what you’re doing and could be amplified by using a bit of the Journey-Return storytelling (should you want to do that). Think about Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. These are two J-R stories that you could examine and pull from. Perhaps even as you construct a tagline that you feel suits you and your mission better.

    For taglines, it’s best to try to keep them as short as possible (10 words or less) and to focus on the transformation at the end (vs the starting point).

    So, for example, “Community to support trailing spouses when they’re lonely, exhausted and lost after having taken care of everyone else but themselves” could become:

    “From lonely and exhausted to surrounded by friends.”

    Or simply: “You’re surrounded by friends.”

    This is just a starting point, of course. More to consider and play with.

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    Thanks a lot Téa for this feedback. yes, I’m more of a journey-return story teller according to the assessment. Will think more about this.

    I like the “From lonely and exhausted to surrounded by friends.”
    Just read today in a book the motto of a school being “The pursuit of Truth in company of friends”.

    Talk soon 🙂

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