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      I loved the Brunch & Learn. What really resonated with me was the WHY. The Who I am and why I am doing this. I’ve avoided talking about my fibromyalgia, and although I published a book on Animal Reiki years ago, really tried to keep my pet/animal and the rest of my life seperate. However, with the rebranding in March to Charmed Chicken, because my chickens are totally a part of who I am, I’m narrowing that gap. Within the last week, I had a big aha moment. My personal self-care often involves my pets and nature and for me to teach self-care without it is really inauthentic.

      So I am focusing on my who/why and tying it into the new one-liner that came to me:

      What needs to happen? Bring animals and animal wisdom into my website, my social media posts, and my blogging. Don’t shy away from either my pets/animals or my chronic illness because that’s all an authentic part of me

      Action Steps:
      1) Tweak Charmed Chicken Website (namely front page/Work with me) to bring in more animals, and animal wisdom
      2) Write an About Me Page
      3) Get consistent with social media and messaging about who I am.

      I’ll try to remember to update this as the month progresses, but I’ve already started talking about my new tag line in my FB group and the response has been an enthusiastic, “I’m so happy to find someone like me.” On a personal level, I no longer have “imposter” syndrome and feel so much more centered.

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      Mary, this animal wisdom really speaks to me although I’m not at all familiar with pets and animals in general. It made me think of animal therapy
      It seems to me that this form of interaction with animals also brings a more encompassing world view including respect for life in all its forms. That in itself is to be treasured as it goes against mainstream belief that man is above all creatures and can use and exploit natural resources for his own benefit without any other consideration.

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      Tea Silvestre

      Mary, I loved reading this part: “I no longer have imposter syndrome and feel so much more centered.” That’s HUGE. And it’s exactly why we all need to ensure we’re bringing our full selves to the business.

      Can you tell us what your new one-liner is? Somehow I think I missed that.

      And YES to your next steps. We’d very much like to see you share some of these with us as you undertake them — especially your About Page.

      Finally, take a look at what Cindy outlined for herself for this month’s project. She’s done a lot of the same work — integrating the brand throughout her site and the naming of her services. What do you see there that you could use as a model for your own next steps?

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