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    Business Systems

    1. Block out time on your calendar to wear your CEO & Manager Hats. Tell us what times you chose & why.
    I chose to be a manager on Monday mornings. I am my best in the morning and prefer to think strategically about the upcoming week/month at this time. Also I have had all weekend to ‘ruminate’ about the CEO stuff from Friday.
    On Friday afternoon I wear the CEO hat. I am ready for some ‘higher’ level thoughts by then. I also have a VA pull some reports for me to view on Fridays and have a team huddle with her prior to sitting back and looking at the ‘big picture’

    2. Outline your agendas for those meetings.
    Not much of an agenda person but here goes:

    Monday 1: Lay out plan for month/week…what is due this month?, supplies need re-ordering, plan blog posts etc.
    What can be outsourced to VA?
    Note: 4th Monday of month is ‘chaos’ ie time which can be used to address sudden ‘compelling’ issues

    Look over metrics
    Google analytics (search/page visits)
    Look over newsletter analytics
    Look over finances
    Make plans from there- which can then have a plan developed on Monday at Manager time.

    3. Pick ONE piece of your business to systematize this month. This could be related to marketing, sales, customer service, operations…anything you do over and over.

    The newsletter was made into a template which can easily be copied for future months. No need to re-invent formatting etc. And instructions generated how to use template and how to change colors in links. This system makes it easy for current VA to do and will be simple for another person to do too. I am trying out Asana to see if this can be useful for communication with VA- first project to try it out is Newsletter.

    4. Spend TWO weeks documenting what happens & when with that piece; identify what needs to improve & how you’ll get answers

    Need to improve native Google search. I analyze source of clients and found that the doctors and health department are still referring to me but that marked drop off in “Google” referrals
    Egads….I used to rank page 1 for google but now am no where to be found. So I will work to increase search for ‘vaccines Pittsburgh’ and ‘immunizations Pittsburgh’
    So far I have put up a blog post about businesspeople getting vaccines and have put up a static page about which vaccines offered.
    I will then put up page about how to tell if you need vaccines. And so on. Don’t want to ‘stuff’ keywords, but need to use a few to rank.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Awesome work, Sarah! I love that you’ve delineated your manager and CEO hats. I’d also look at scheduling some quarterly planning sessions on top of these, if you can. (For more long-term stuff.)

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