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    Tea Silvestre

    My goals for the next 6 months include:

    I’ve had big resistance to this, and quite honestly, I’m so busy staying on top of other business-related items, it’s easy to let this fall through the cracks. So… blobbing (that’s what I’m calling it, because it makes me laugh).. blobbing, is something I just have to make a priority. I need to take my own advice here. I’m always suggesting to my web and presentation design clients to make a beautiful, functional and targeted website a priority in their businesses–one on the same level as knowing you need an accountant, for instance. Well, it’s the same for creating content, and I need to pierce through what is really just a paper wall and start doing it!

There is a very strong through line in my life – the appreciation of beauty. Beauty surrounds us. It is not relegated only to the realm of what is seen with the eyes, but also that which is seen by the heart. My aim is to work with people who are up to beautiful things in the world – to reflect that beauty clearly and accurately to their online audiences.

    I also have a significant whimsically rebellious streak. My Fascination Advantage revealed equal doses of Passion + Innovation. I’d like to fine tune my brand so there is space for my true voice. Why? Because it’s something I know has potency. It’s something I encourage my own clients to do in their own branding and writing. So.. I’m playing around with bringing a flavor of my humor into my blobbing (there’s that word again.)


    I’ll be focusing on both of my services: clarity work + web design. I’m planting my flag in the earth and making it clear that my designer’s hands are tied when both my clients and I are not crystal clear about the WHY behind the work they do, what makes them unique in the field of their industry, as well as the real, solvable frustrations and stories of their customers. The pendulum is swinging, thank god, away from the “good enough” website. If what you do in the world is beautiful, why the hell would you settle for a substandard, uninspired, indistinct web presence? I really can bridge the gap between the high-priced agency solutions and more affordable, boring solutions, but it does take commitment, money and effort to make that happen.

    My job as a blob-writer is to clearly translate the value of what I offer… because I know without a doubt what I bring to the table brings a ROI. Invest in a website that is authentic and beautiful and you will feel more confident. With clear messaging, what is put forth online has congruency with who you are offline. With clarity, my clients increase their confidence in every aspect of talking about what they do. I see potential clients gravitate toward paying $$ for marketing help, yet they emerge from coaching or an online program without the all-important website. For a site to fly, you need both the marketing wing and the design wing. I can offer a unique blend of both and I want to pierce through the bullshit mentality that good-enough websites will bring GREAT results. We have one life, it’s short, get your act together. There are real, live people out there who can BENEFIT from knowing what you do. If they can’t find you, or your site is ugly and confusing your opportunity to transform a life for the better has been lost. Shame on you! 🙂

    Here is my blob schedule for the next 6 months – I’m committing to twice a month, with room for doing quick posts containing some of my many photographs from trips I’ve taken (remember, my through line is beauty), as well as Helping Posts pointing to tools that help make small business owners’ lives easier.

    March 3: Case Study: Pressing Through Time: 150 Years of Printmaking in Taos
    March 17: Canned or Creative? In praise of deliciously beautiful websites and presentations.
    April 7: Design is not Art. Why hiring Picasso won’t solve your website communication problems… (do you even know you have a communication problem?)
    April 28: Case study: Before/After Half Moon Studio–pointing out how there IS a happy medium betwixt the $10k agency solution and boring, uninspiring DIY templates.
    May 12: The Myth of the Magical Unicorn Web Designer… really sorry to pop that bubble.
    May 26: What you do is so utterly beautiful. Now, tell me, what are you going to do about that sea slug of a website?
    June 16: Goldfish hitting your back button? Here’s what you can do about it.
    June 30: Why squirting your logo into a WP template is not a good way to distinguish yourself
    July 14: ALERT! Logo Squirt!
    July 28: Want to look idiotic on your homepage? Then try this cheap and simple trick out!
    August 11: Hobbyist or Competent Business Artist? How is your current website positioning you in a noisy market?
    August 25: Zen and the Practice of Clearly Reflecting the Beauty of What You Do Online

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    Tea Silvestre

    I left out another intention ~ weaving in more HTML5 animation work. I’ll include a Case Study of the animated ecard I did for Bloomberg BNA in December and have plans for a post about what HTML5 animation is, and… ultimately.. adding a significant animated component to my website (am thinking of a complete rebranding right now).

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    Tea Silvestre

    So many terms to love here: blobbing, logo squirt…your whimsical rebellion shines thru, Susan.

    Great job with generating the topics/titles. I can’t wait to read these — especially if you make sure YOUR voice shines thru loud an clear.

    Are there any other resources you need to make sure the writing happens? (Time? Tools?)

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    Tea Silvestre

    Tools: an upbeat attitude always helps… along with some kind of shock system… the closer I get to my deadline, the stronger the current zapping me in the butt. 🙂

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    love, love the concept of bringing beauty back to the web. I think it would be good to highlight how it affects the bottom line – financial and fulfillment

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