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    Clemens – Content Strategy

     Newsletter

    I have relaunched my newsletter for 2015. It is called The Sweet Spot. I am releasing it weekly now instead of monthly. The goal is to release it every Tuesday, and so far I have made that goal for seven weeks in a row! I am using it mainly to introduce my new tool/brand – The Pink Box – as well as to soft advertise events and coaching specials. I have picked a topic for each month and have decided a different way to address the topic for each week. Week one is to introduce the topic/tool, week 2 is a profile of someone in my community applying the topic to their life, week 3 is for inspirational quotes and resources, and week 4 is an article about how I am using the topic/tool. I do have an introductory paragraph each time so I can have some spontaneity. This structure has helped me so much. I no longer struggle with what to write each month. I have set aside Mondays as “Marketing Monday” to get this done for Tuesday and top attend the DDR events.

    I have my monthly topics listed and printed out so I can write down ideas and resources as I come across them. That really helps me capture things when I see them for future months.

    I use Constant Contact for my newsletter and I use the Simple Share to have it go out on my business and personal Facebook pages. I have had this newsletter for over ten years and have been good about collecting names for the database. I have about 1440 active names and I get a 30-35% open rate which I know is good.

    Topics for 2015 are:
    January – The Pink Box

    February – Passion
    March – Personal Wellth
    April – Prosperity
    May – People
    June – Perfect Lifestyle
    July – Play Time
    August – Savor the Pink Box
    September – Protect the Pink Box
    October – Share the Pink Box
    November – Expand the Pink Box
    December – A Season of Joy

     Facebook Posts

    I mainly post on my Business Page – Cindy Clemens Life Coach. I try to post 3-4 times a week. Postings include the newsletter is one, I look for things to repost and resources to share, and I will send a photo of me doing an event/workshop if I remember to take a photo. This has not been as structured as the Newsletter, but I am trying to post around my monthly theme if I find things. I always try to have it connected to my overall brand of Injoy Life.

     Bi-Monthly Regional Magazine Article – Etched

    I write an article for each edition of a regional magazine called Etched (formerly Elan). This year I went to the owner and told her I wanted to have every article be about a Pink Box topic and feature that logo. She said OK. I am able to post the PDF of the article as a blog post and include the link in my newsletter and on Facebook.

     Blog

    I currently use my blog as a place to post my event flyers and PDFs of the Etched articles. Although I did do more article type posts a couple of years ago when I first created the blog as part of my WordPress website, I have not been very consistent. Just not enough time with the other things. Plus, I need to find out how to use the RSS feeder. My only way to publicize the blog is Facebook and my newsletter.

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    Tea Silvestre

    You’ve done an excellent job of creating a framework for your content strategy, Cindy! Will definitely point everyone here to take a look.

    I’d love to see you write more of the content on your blog first and then share via your newsletter. The content on your site will help build SEO as well as credibility — PDFs aren’t indexed with the same weight as something you might post directly. We can address the RSS to email issue, so no worries.

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