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    Looking closer at my website, I see definite holes in my service page. I want potential clients to get to know me and what I do. I’d like for them to understand what it would be like to work with me.

    I’ve sent out the survey around my branding. The survey says:
    3 words to describe me were positive, bubbly, energetic, creative, outgoing,fun, and happy.
    1 emotion that makes them think of my brand: happy & cheerful
    1 quality do you associate with me or my brand: dedication, positivity, courage, authenticity, and compassion.

    I would like to work on my services portion of my branding. I mention who I am but not really explain what I do and how I do that. It’s a huge portion of what’s left out. I’ve worked mostly with clients who know someone whose worked with me or they know me personally. I need to do a better job of explaining my services and what we can work on together.

    Steps I’ll take to move towards improved branding:
    1. Choose 2-3 words that I’d like to best describe what it would be like to work with me.
    2. Develop a “coaching” page that describes how I work with clients and the possibility of improving their business with the focus of the words.
    3. Collect testimonials from previous clients to post on this page.
    4. Offer a coaching Summer Special.
    5. Post this page and Summer special on my website by July 11.

    I’m excited finding the descriptive words to explain what I do, how I work and how my client’s businesses will be improved by working together.

    I’ve never taken such a proactive approach to my branding. This is exciting to me! I love some of the descriptive words that people think of when they think of me and my brand but it doesn’t say anything about improving their lives or businesses.

    I’m sure they can find plenty of people that will be a positive influence for them. I’d rather be someone to help them dig deeper within themselves to find the root cause for whatever is holding them back from achieving everything they desire in their business.

    I’d like my clients to describe their feelings after working with me using words like:
    brave, determined, fearless, clear and confident

    I think there’s a blog post coming on!


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    Tea Silvestre

    Love the detail here, Stacey and am excited to see you implement.

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