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    Part 1 – I forgot about this until I re-read the assignment this month. I don’t really focus on the subject line. Instead I focus on whether the email sender has given me valuable content in the past. I am pretty willing to sign-up for someone’s e-mail if I am interested in them and give them a try. But, I am very willing to unsubscribe if after a few emails it does not offer me value. I realize this is not a criticsm of the sender or their work. I just don’t like e-mail clutter and only give a select few daily or weekly space in my e-mail. I am more willing to give someone space on my Facebook feed since that is so easy to scroll through or block it it gets annoying.

    Part 2 – I subscribed to Holly’s e-mail and the process was very easy and welcoming. I love all of the pictures and travel destinations. I like the length – not too long and well laid out. My suggestion would be to have a regular section where you give photography tips or some type of learning takeaway. That way if I am not planning on doing a trip I will still want to see what the tip is. I did subscribe to Gloria but must have done so after she sent out the newsletter. I liked her auto-responder with the giveaway as a thank-you and not as an enticement to sign-up. I did go to her Facebook page to read the newsletter because I remember seeing it there. Smart to post on FB as well as send by e-mail. Liked the subject line on the FB post with a summary of what was in the newsletter. Nice sharing about the logo and business transition. My only suggestion is to put the closing at the end of the newsletter – I was a little confused that the blog and daughter update came after the closing. I subscribed to Yota’s and liked the process and feel. Very warm and inviting.

    As for my e-mail newsletter, I am sooooo proud of myself for sticking to a once a week delivery since January. I used to be very loose and only send the newsletter once every 4-6 weeks. I have just made it a priority to get it done weekly. Having a schedule of topics and setting aside Monday as “Marketing Monday” really has helped with that. I am working on making my subject lines a bit more snappy. I do send out another update to the Injoy Cafe group, many of whom also receive The Sweet Spot. So I do need to identify it clearly as The Sweet Spot. But after the title I will work on an intriguing caption. Not sure if the date needs to be there. I am also wanting to add more graphics, color and pictures. My concern is whether too many pictures makes it hard for some to download. Guess if I size them as smaller jpegs it will work OK. I need to do a list purge to improve my open rate. Currently at about 30% and would like to get it higher. It did drop off a bit when I went to weekly and I notice even former regular openers are not opening every one.

    Part 3 – I love my daily e-mails from Mike Dooley/Notes from the Universe and Abraham-Hicks. Read them first thing and get my mantra/thought for the day. I also regularly open what I receive from Hay House, Cheryl Richardson, Martha Beck and Marie Forleo. I like Marie Forleo’s video messages because they are fun and hip with good information. Not a big fan of people reading me their e-mail. Feels kind of creepy to me for some reason. And I always open Tea’s emails!

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    Holly – I just realized I was confusing your newsletter and your trip marketing e-mails. Your May 15 Newsletter did have the tips and trips. That is just what I was suggesting. So, I guess I confused the two. Hmmmm … maybe the newsletter needs to be slightly different format or color so I can distinguish it from the marketing e-mails.

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