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    This is what my starter recipe looked like:

    What’s the Problem?
    Although tech literate, making that changes or keeping up-to-date is time consuming and takes away from other things
    Why does it persist?
    Our websites are a reflection of us and sometimes handing control over is scary and makes us uneasy
    What’s possible?
    Having a fresh set of eyes on your site to fill in the gaps of usability and security
    Why you/why this solution?
    WordPress expert who spends as much time on professional development as support. Because I know coding I can do more than adding images and copy to your site.
    Call to Action –
    Get a partner now who respects your brand, site and business.

    My page is already up: but it feels unfinished. Appreciate your thoughts.

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    Tea Silvestre


    What’s some specific examples that’d make’em go “Oh – that’s ME.”

    Some examples I see to get you running:

    * Have you ever logged into your WordPress dashboard to find 15 (or more!) updates staring you in the face? (Did you feel totally guilty or behind?)
    * Have you ever started to write a blog post and then given up when you tried to make the new page work? (And forget about search engine optimizations.)

    Let’em know how it’d feel to worry about content creation ONLY and having a trusted pro to take care of the rest. They’d feel liberated, like a (tech) weight was off their chest, and…what else.

    Does that help? Blah – it’s so hard when it’s YOUR sales page. Trust me, that’s what’s holding me back from finishing my new site so I. Totally. Get. It.

    Cheers! -lmb

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    Hi Lee,
    Let me start by saying that I love the name of your business. It says it all!

    I read what you posted above and also visited your website. I think you could spell out who your client is from the very beginning.

    Create a clear picture so when I go there I can say . . .”Oooh, she gets me! I want to read more”
    Saying . . . “You’ve been told, maybe by your coach or mentor, that it’s time to get some help. Easier said than done when you’re used to doing it alone.” strikes me as a contradiction.
    Having a coach/mentor means I can ask for help.

    “Done For You services are for those who embrace outsourcing and want to take back their time and energy.” How about “Done For You Services is your top choice if you value what outsourcing can do for your business and personal life.Let us help you claim your time and energy back!” OR something along those lines.

    I agree with Lisa . . . having all the minutia done in the best possible way can free someone to work on their business rather than being enslaved by it. One of the top reasons that 85% of small businesses fail in the first five years is that the business owner stops working on his/her business and instead becomes swallowed by the logistics of running it.

    I’m wondering whether you could use stats. Numbers talk!

    Don’t hesitate to spell out your value. You got this.


    PS. I found a typo in this sentence . . . “Building a business your way is hard, finding people who fit your the? plan is harder.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi Lee,
    Really liked Lisa’s suggestions(maybe cause she nailed me.)
    If the big hold up is that they are afraid to give up the reigns then you need to spend a bit more time addressing what that is costing them and how letting you take control can really help them. If they are really at the point in their business that they don’t have time to do this kind of stuff-wow! how awesome, go get’em girl, I have your back while you rock your business.
    I find it a bit tricky to offer suggestions as I don’t really know your IC but it does feel like you need to hone in a bit more on the emotional side of things.
    I really liked the outlining exactly what an hour of your time could give me…you just need to bullet it as right now it seems like you can offer all that in an hour. It helps me figure out exactly what level I might need. Also what is the difference between a 1 hour strategy session and an hour of implementation? I also don’t know the meaning of ‘priority support'(and therefor its value..beyond the extra $$ you are charging for it).
    Love the graphics on your site!

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    Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I totally reworked the page and will have it updated soon.
    You are all awesome!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Love where this sales page is going, Lee. You’re almost there! Once you get a new-and-improved version, be sure to share the link with us in our FB group so we can give you additional feedback.

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