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    Tea Silvestre

    Emails I have opened over the course of a week or so.
    1. Molly Gordon – Authentic Promotion I signed up for this and don’t always open it but I do if the subject line grabs me. I like how she frame her stuff, new ways to think about being a self employed person.
    2. Rob Brezny Free Will Astrology I open this one regularly and skim through to my sign. Like his witty style and counter-culture way of looking at the world. Upbeat and creative.
    3. Laurel Yoga Studio I study with the founder of the studio and open to get news, poems, inspiration.
    4. Story Bistro Well, need I say more? 🙂 I love the ideas and writing style.
    5. Jennifer Louden Savor and Serve Been following Jennifer for a long time. Don’t always open but usually. Like her ideas and writing style.
    6. Biddy Tarot found this while Googling Tarot and signed up for this month’s homework to see how another Tarot reader is doing her business. I open it to get ideas – see what the competition is doing. 🙂
    7. Susun Weed herbalist newsletter Rediscovered her from a tele summit I listened to and signed up for newsletter. Like her ideas and information on herbs. Again, looking at what others are doing to promote their work. Don’t usually read the whole thing – a bit wordy and lots of clicking links.
    8. 9. and 10. Shopping sites I buy from – I open if I am interested, in the mood to buy or if they are having a sale. I had 3 that I opened in the time frame. Sale was in subject line.
    11. Jonathon T. a gig request and followups
    12. Clients I know, or don’t know that have a work request in subject line. Several here and I always open anything to do with potential work.
    13. Anything from my husband – we communicate throughout the day by emails
    14. Friends – anyone I know and can tell it is not spam or hijacked email addresses I always open
    15. Divine Feminine Yoga I am on her list after signing up for a tele summit. I open her emails, skim
    sometimes. She has some good ideas that I like to think about.

    My take away is I open from people I know, have a relationship with or there is something that catches my interest.
    I signed up for Yota’s emails, Sarah Lange and David V. I haven’t received anything yet from anyone.
    David’s site was so lovely and while I wasn’t sure what I was signing up for I kind of liked the “heart” in the signup.

    I went back to Yota’s site since I knew I had signed up. I remember thinking opt in was easy and friendly. But no emails. Hmmmm. And now when I looked at site it had the “seed starter” sign up. I do like her website.
    Sarah has the non-profit. Signup was easy and for the life of me I know don’t remember an opt in. I did look at several other DDR sites – I was put off for signing up for anything that required me to take an assessment.

    My “homework” for myself was to up my frequency on my emails. I had sent one out in April (end of month) and thought 1x a month would be good but decided to do 2x after listening to Mark Silver. I just sent one out and plan to shoot for around 1st and 15th of each month. This is after almost 18 months hiatus from sending out anything to my list. And feeling intimidated by the technology. After first one went out I got two calls from clients – 3 sessions booked from that. Open rate of 50%. I will see what the 2nd one does. Whew!

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