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    1. Newsletters Titles I open

    Travel is Free, Title- “I wish all my posts were as good as this!
    Interested in it for the travel info

    AKC Canine Partners – Cute Pictures, dog stories and dog tricks, need I say more?

    Kat Knecht – Personal Coach, – Title – “Don’t Miss This Workshop!”
    I know her personally and am interested in what she has to say

    The Joy Blog – Title – “Yoga and Positive Psychology”
    Am interested in both subjects

    Samy’s Camera – Title “Samy’s Camera Presents An Evening In The Desert With Pentax & Profoto”
    We do workshops for Samys and am interested in some of the other workshops they are adding.

    Martha Beck – Title “Download the LEAP Call Recording Now!”
    Intersted in her coaching programs

    Kathy Hadley – “Complaining About Complaining Is Complaining”
    Interested in what she has to say on her daily email.

    Kathy Hadley – “So You Want to Win the Lottery”
    Interested in what she has to say on her daily email.

    Cheryl Richardson – “Meeting an Angel in Disguise”
    Been following her email for a couple of years

    Copyblogger – “8 Conversion-Boosting Ways to Personalize Your Content” Of course we’d like to know more…

    Best of Macworld – “20 uses for Evernote that you probably haven’t thought of yet” I don’t use Evernote to its capacity, so I’m interested in this.

    Photojojo – “Let There be (Stellar) Light, Always” Light always attracts photographers!

    Exposure – “Races, rides, and stories about life on two wheels” Photo Essays

    Creative Live – “Capturing Picture-Perfect Lighting – RSVP for the Free Class” Free classes with creative live

    Sunset – Plan the Perfect Camping Trip – Sounds good to me, I noticed the title fit perfectly on my phone

    Copyblogger – What You Don’t Know About Copyright Can Hurt You

    Shortstack – [Free Guide] 5 Things Facebook Marketing Pros Do Better

    The Outbound Collective – Explore The Eastern Sierras | Utah’s Desert Playground | Coffin Mountain Fire Lookout | and More…

    We also noticed subject lines from other’s emails that attracted our attention like – 
“You have to sign up for this workshop!”

    “InFocus #14: Photographing Reflected Light”

    2. Subscribed to about 4 DDR newsletters and only received one from Cindy Clemmons.
    I like her positive voice and flow of free information. The one newsletter I happened to catch had a great story about a friend of hers who had reaped the personal rewards of networking. Turns out she is a mutual friend. I also liked her great call to action at the end of the newsletter. My only comment would be to have larger more engaging images on the page (and more of them!). I think pictures are equally important as the wording.

    3. My favorite Newsletters -seems to be a theme here!
    Inspiration & Tools for Wholehearted Living
    by Life Coach, Linda Luke
    – She is my personal coach and sends her newsletter out every Monday like clockwork. I always know she will have topical and timely information.

    Martha Beck – Martha’s Daily Inspiration
-A daily inspirational message

    TUT -Note from the Universe
    Weekly inspirational messages

    What needs improving on our emails?
    The content needs improving. We have been sending out mostly workshop schedules with no tips or special photography related content. I also want to be sure we have a clear call to action in the newsletter.

    Since doing this exercise, we are also working with the titles to see if we could create more interest with different titles.

    I send my blog out automatically when I publish. I need to change the banner on the header to correspond more with the regular email.

    Having more useful info in the newsletter with a teaser title should encourage a higher open rate. (We have a decent open rate, but could always improve!) A clearer call to action at the end should encourage more sales!

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