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    My goal is to be become a better writer and storyteller.

    I had a digital branding consultancy called New Leaf Creative Strategies where I worked with social entrepreneurs and nonprofits. I hired creative freelancers and built a model for a virtual branding agency back in 2002.

    Now I created Brand From Within because I hit the wall with my business and discovered I really didn’t know who I was and consequently never marketed myself because I didn’t know how to show up. I discovered my clients also had this problem, too.

    So, I built a product/system to help people discover that plus included all the brand strategy expertise I had to create my first program. I broke out my program in 3 parts and am now beginning to market it.

    I’m working on a rebranding myself and my goals are become more consistent in sharing of myself aka marketing.

    I want to produce content more effortlessly and confidently promote it and I love Tea’s style and teaching about how to do that in a way that feels right for me.

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    Tea Silvestre

    I can totally relate to your story of not knowing how to show up in your own business. When I was a CPA, I had this problem, too, I felt like I was wearing a mask all the time and I thought everyone else must be too, and I just wanted them to feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Then I realized they were being themselves, it was me who wasn’t or at least, I was aware of it, the more I show up in my own. Business, the more my brand is just me.

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