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    Tea Silvestre

    I focused on LinkedIn, the first social network I ever joined, the one with the most professional potential and the one where I spend less time than I should. Right now, my network is local people and small businesses I’ve met through networking and coaches with a focus on entrepreneurship and business development. By the way, I put all of you in the business development category, so let’s make sure we’re connected

    While I’m connected with many colleagues I’ve worked with as a clinical and research psychologist, my network stops there.

    As I shift the focus of my business toward training and consulting largely in hospital and behavioral health settings, I need to build that part of my network.

    So, I left some groups and joined others. I found 3 – telehealth, psychologists and tachnology and Health Care Executives – that look to be the best match. So far not much interaction or commenting in the groups, which is odd. But I’ve found some interesting information and it’s moving in the right direction. I still need to update my summary, which I’ll do when I finally finish my ideal client profile and About page on my web site.

    Always plenty to do!!

    I’m excited to be using it more strategically.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Great start, Gloria. Have you made a list of companies you’d like to work for/with? That could help give you a specific way to focus your time on LinkedIn (and find even better groups). Would love to hear how things progress, so keep us updated!

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