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    My content strategy is to be the secret weapon of the isolated trailing spouse: help her understand what’s happening to her, to her couple, to her children and offer support to get her out of despair and isolation.
    I have 2 online peer support group programs: an introductory program of 4 weeks called “Unpack Your Bags” and an ongoing program all year round called “Deep Dive”.
    I plan to have 2 monthly blog posts and ideally guest posts but I’m very discouraged by guest posting: a lot of time and effort and no real results. I should explore Linkedin blog posts but I’m somewhat reluctant as I’ll attract “colleagues” but not “clients”. My audience is much more on Facebook!

    Topics per month
    Feb Living with uncertainty
    March Identity formation for teenagers / Death of a parent
    April Paradox of trailing spouse / Effects of jet lag on your frequent traveling partner
    May Domestic abuse / biggest fear: never belong
    June When family and friends come for a visit / Holidays back “Home”
    July repatriation

    I feel the need to be more connected to you guys while remaining focused. I hope I’ll be able to participate in the Mastermind group. That would really help I think, as well as the buddy work.
    I also want to get quicker and more consistent with my writing.

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    When you are seeking guest posts, would an interview format help the guests? It is amazing how intimidated people get at writing for someone else. I work with authors who use this format successfully.

    Usually sending a list of questions, some of which can get an essay answer. Let them answer as they please, then format it for your blog in the “I asked” and “She said” format just as you would do in the ‘live’ setting.

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    Tea Silvestre

    JudyAnn – I believe Anne is talking about writing for other sites when she mentions guest posts (not hosting them on her site). Guest blogging can be a great way to get additional exposure which in turn should help with bumping traffic and list building on your own site.

    Anne – You’ve got a solid start here and I’d love to confirm a few things — are the topics you’re going to write about specifically addressed in your support groups? Are there others?

    What websites have you written guest posts for already? What websites would you like to write for? Are there any in-person hangouts for expats where you live?

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