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    For the local business side, many of the moms in Hays are on Facebook. Some follow my business page. Some are friends. Many music therapist , another target, also share on Facebook.

    While one of the closed MT groups made a push to like each others business page during the process, I can only share the numbers as they are for my business page as I can’t differentiate the cause of the likes.

    Business page likes went from 647 -659.
    My highest reach was on March 14th – spurred mostly by a post on #WhatRealMTBCsWear (related to MTs discussing the Empire episodes.)
    The highest number of page visits was on March 21st though I am left to guess what brought people to the page.
    Video posts receive the highest reach (118)and post clicks (13).
    Photos are 2nd in reach with the highest likes/comments/shares (5)
    My fans are 86% women. 26% of those are between 25-34. 24% are between 35-44. Engagement is highest with women in this last group during the last 28 days.

    Take-aways: Post more videos. Keep sharing others stuff. Keep commenting as a page and as a person especially on things related to my business.

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    Great statistics, JoAnn. I find it interesting that the 35-44 age group engages more. In a way it makes sense. This may still be the generation of engagement and conversation whereas the younger crowd speaks in shorthand:-)

    With Facebook making it more and more challenging to reach our audience, I’m wondering how you’re using your personal page for outreach. I started treating my personal page as an extension of my business page lately.

    Have you created a FB group specifically for your subscribers or clients? Would that be any useful?

    I like your take-aways. I wonder if there’s a way you can coordinate your monthly themes with your FB posts and videos.

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    I share some things from my business page to my personal page, Yota. I do have a closed page of discussion of intergenerational programs, but otherwise no other groups. When I’ve asked if this option (a specific group for subscribers) is important, I don’t receive a response.

    As far as coordinating themes with post, it really depends. I try to make most of the shares on the business page relate to the theme of the week. The shares within the closed groups are more work related. Sometimes it is appropriate for me to share something that relates to my theme. But, much of the time it is responding and maybe sharing a blog post that answers their question.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Like the stats, Jo Ann. I’ve struggled with the page/profile divide because I see my profile as mostly personal. Don’t know who I’m kidding, though, as I now have a goodly number of professional connections there too.

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