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    I’ve been wanting to revamp my social media strategy so this exercise came at the right moment. Thank you Téa-:)

    I searched for articles that would give sage advice on using Facebook but the best ones I found were the ones who spoke about developing good habits when using media in general.

    The one below is one of my favorite and in it there are links to various other good articles.

    7 Small Business Strategies to Get Noticed on Social Media

    While working on this project, I came to realize a few things about myself. I certainly exhibit the same behaviors on social media that I exhibit in my face-to-face networking.

    I can come in with a bang and leave with a whisper:-) I tend to hit-and-run. I can spend a few days engaging and then go hide for a week. I agonize about what to write. I tend to stick with the people I know and like interacting with. I continue to resist making my list of 100 because my mind tells me I can’t come up with 100 names.

    Having said that, this is what happened.

    I took a couple of risks and commented to story lines I wouldn’t have commented otherwise. People’s response was positive and supportive. I stopped agonizing too much and began to lighten up and use my sense of humor. I started my own online networking group called “On Common Ground” and already had our first meeting. Granted, we’re all introverts in this group but I see it as a learning experience and the first step to a wider social strategy for everyone involved.

    I tried to focus on my personal page as well as my business page. I reconnected with people that I’ve known for a while and I met a handful of new people as well. The statistics on my business page have gone up. I don’t have new fans but the post reach and engagement statistics have increased by 40% and 20% respectively.

    Overall, I feel this has to be an ongoing effort; consistent, focused, deliberate. I want to become better at asking questions and starting conversations. People tend to overuse the like button and not converse as much.

    I feel more comfortable with my social presence and under Téa’s guidance I’m also becoming more assertive and confident. Social media can be the platform where people can get to know me in a more casual way. We can hang out and converse. We can be funny and serious but with each interaction trust will be developed and hopefully enough curiosity as well.

    Today, I changed the cover of my FB business page to include my no-brainer offering and a book now button. Let’s see how this goes.

    That’s it for now. Looking forward to Monday’s call:-)


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    Tea Silvestre

    Great to hear your experience, Yota. I think “consistent, focused, deliberate” is also the key to success on LinkedIn and other social sites.

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