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    I decided to work on my Google + business page for this task

    I have a personal profile on Google Plus which I use regularly, but I first set up my business page in November 2011 and until I started this experiment I’d only posted 7 updates. Despite this a few people had still been following the page and adding it to their circles!

    I decided to work on my Google + page because I want to establish my presence with a view to finding a new audience and clients, and to improve my search engine results. I also want to learn how to use Google Hangouts for English lessons and need to build a strong G+ presence to support and promote my lessons. And with the recent introduction of Google Helpouts, which I know some providers in my field are already using to teach languages, establishing a presence on Google Plus seems to me to be very important.

    Over the ten days I’ve been updating the page fairly regularly and interacting with others and with their posts. I joined three very active communities for learning English, and I searched for and found interesting related pages and people for my page’s circles.

    I found out I can interact on Google+ as my page, including in the communities – thus increasing brand awareness, building my following etc.

    I also found out that communities are indexed by Google search engine and seeing how active some of the English-related communities are on G+, with many people asking for help with their English, I wondered whether I should try setting up my own community, but I was worried about the extra work involved with having a business page on G+, let alone a community.

    I checked out other big users e.g. British Council who have G+ pages, Facebook pages, and twitter accounts – and I could see they are mostly sharing the same content across their channels, so that must minimize to an extent their time spent across those different channels.

    However, I also saw a good reminder of how not to do things on G+ on the Grammarly page. Grammarly have been pushing hard to get votes for a tech award with many requests for votes several times a day, and today I noticed that someone had commented with this:

    “I see that you request for votes from people and some folks take that effort to vote BUT I hardly seen any mention of thanks from you. Not even a + for the voters comment. Is there a human or a computer behind this account?”

    I also saw someone comment that some Grammarly content on their page is obviously copied word for word from their Facebook updates requesting ‘likes’. They said:

    “Tailoring your content would go a long way toward engaging more folks here. Seriously.”

    Interaction and engagement is obviously as important on G+ as on any other social media channel!

    My conclusion after the ten day experiment is that I can’t afford to not be on Google Plus – there are big communities of people there actively looking for help with their English. I’ve decided to continue with my G+ experiment and develop a strategy for using it. And after thinking about it for a long time I’ve also set up my own G+ community – I have two members, me as my personal profile and me as my biz page 😀

    I think a community will be better than just a page for stimulating discussions about specific English-related topics, building relationships, and making contacts interested in learning English. Content I post to the community also updates my business page so that’s useful. I’m developing a membership site on my website at the moment and I’d considered building a community on there but I know from previous experience how difficult it is to do this – I’ve tried unsuccessfully with Ning and also with BuddyPress. It’s very hard to build up the numbers to make it worthwhile but with Google Plus the users are already there and so in theory it *should* be easier to build a useful relevant community. Time will tell 🙂

    I started out with 52 ‘likes’ for the page, with 45 people having it in their circles. At the end of the 10-day experiment those numbers have risen to 92 ‘likes’ for the page and 62 people now have it in circles.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Nice job, Angela! Creating your own community (or group) can go a long way toward growing your client list. It’s definitely been beneficial for me on Facebook. Please do keep spreading the word about your virtual hangout there and let us know how it unfolds. We’ll keep an eye on you!

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