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    Google +
    What did you like? What worked?

    My social media was Google +. I decided to use my personal profile here, as I had already made a little headway with it.

    I found it really hard to connect on this channel. I went to several different communities and posted, but still don’t feel connected in any way. Maybe it’s more important to dig deeper into the people who are posting on this channel to fully connect. I will continue to post and follow those that have +d or commented on my posts.

    I went into some of the photography communities and posted some of my favorite images with an explanation on how I created the images. The average returns were about 8 +s and one comment. I tried to connect further with the people that commented, but not too much luck yet.

    In one of my posts, I posted an iPhone picture that I particularly like, and mentioned specifically how I got the shot and which apps I used. I got 8 +. I know I need enlarge my community, as it is a fraction of the size of my community on Facebook. I also found upon further searches that there are photographic communities that post photo challenges for the day. For example #LeadingLineMonday. So, that may be another way to enlarge my following is to participate in those types of communities.

    In targeting my posts to photographic communities, I’m finding many of these have rules about not posting any commercial information or advertising. It doesn’t mean that someone won’t go to my profile and see that I am a professional, but not as likely if I had a direct link. We recently got a client from someone who went to my Instagram feed, so it’s definitely possible. I am also going to do some more research on how to use Instagram to put the word out on the business. I’m finding that channel to be much more fun and engaging for me personally.

    I know that Google+ is good for search engine optimization and that people have been successful with it, so I will power on and continue to post my 10 minutes a day and find more connections in the various communities.

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    Tea Silvestre

    8+ sounds good to me!! Interesting.

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    Tea Silvestre

    It does sound like you had some success, even if your time didn’t result in actual leads just yet. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, tho — in order for social media to be truly helpful in lead gen, we need to connect people 1 to 1. So if someone pluses your post (for example), you could go visit their profile, dig a little deeper and see if there might be something to talk further about. Private messages or posts on individuals’ profile pages are where the magic happens.

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