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    Tea Silvestre

    My super powers:
    teach practical and mystical Laws of Attraction around Money
    speak French
    artisan chocolate truffle maker
    With a passion for France.
    I appreciate an authentic, high quality but simple, non-excessive lifestyle.
    Symbolized by the chocolate truffle.
    Small package; pure ingredients.

    Taste: Grow Your m-Ooh-La-La – weekly live salon
    Small bite: Workbook
    Main Course: Weekly salons (also recorded)
    Weekly private customized consultations
    Private FB group
    Email access to Moi
    For a limited duration such as 2-3 months

    Complet: Weekly salons (also recorded)
    Weekly private customized consultations
    Private FB group
    Email access to Moi
    Not sure how long, but could be ongoing with annual travel
    La piece de resistance: Find Yourself in France Soiree in Paris (or other
    region in France) for one week

    Opt-in. Private Couture Day – ultimate luxury experience with Strategic Planning

    Tools and Resources: Keep it Simple for Now

    Google Hangouts or Free Teleconference
    Slide Show web conferencing
    YouTube for uploading video recordings and keeping them private
    Someone to Produce this for me 🙂
    Designed Workbook with Handouts with a logo
    Skype for private consulting(coaching)

    Mind Map and doodles to be uploaded as soon as I can figure out how to do this! 😉

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    I love your ideas! I think you’ve really hashed out alot of ideas. I would like more specifics about your offerings and pricing?


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    Hi Alecia

    What great ideas! Have you ever thought of giving your offerings Chocolate Truffle names? I wish I knew more about chocolate truffle making because I kept trying to connect the image of truffle making to baking some delicious and luxurious financial outcomes. Layer after layer until the most wonderful truffle was formed.

    I agree with Stacey about pricing info.


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    I love the ideas of Truffle names! Oo-la la!


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    Tea Silvestre

    You’ve got the bones down here for sure. But as Yota and Stacey pointed out, we’ll need more details (like pricing?) in order to give better feedback. 🙂 More to talk about!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Love the Moo-la-la idea. That’s great! The truffles offer some seriously rich visual possibilities. How decadent. There’s a chocolate factory here in Taos, and I just go in there to drool over the truffles inside the case. Looking at them is half the fun. Well.. at least 33%.

    I like Yota’s truffle name idea. You could also identify your tiered offering by the number of truffles depicted. One, a few, whole box of delight.

    If you ever had a rating system, you could use truffles instead of stars. “I give it a 5 Truffle Rating!”

    Looking forward to seeing your pricing.

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