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    Tea Silvestre

    Better late than never. I kind of did the homework by revising my trip that I have coming up in the fall, but I didn’t post it in this format, my bad. So here goes: My branding issue has been with price points and luxury vs. value.

    I call it the Marie-Antoinette syndrome, not because I want everyone to just eat cake, but because my trips can either be high price tag luxury, or a value priced rustic authentic experience in the countryside. Like Marie-Antoinette, I like to play dress up and I also like to play farmer. She was a real queen though, so her real life was in the palace, where mine is more like the peasant farmer she liked to pretend to be.

    On my luxury trip to Paris, I offer a style profile with a fashion expert. When I had my style profile done, I was assessed to be part Italian Vamp, part English Gentleman farmer. I think this is both a curse and a strength because it shows the dual nature of my personality and makes for a branding quagmire. I guess I can appeal to both types.

    My initial trip for the fall was a fabulous all inclusive fashion and food extravaganza and I had 2 ladies jump on it because they have the means and they feel why not, you only live once and I want this experience. I have had some success selling an extravagant trip to only 2 people who want an exclusive experience but I really wanted to reach more people and take 5-8 ladies.

    So I revised the trip, I still offer all the frills, but they are options, and the base trip, is still fabulous, I’ve been told, and has many unique elements that feel very authentic to me, but at a price point that is more attractive to more people.

    I am doing the survey on my FB page to see what words people come up with to describe me. I hope they don’t say skitzofrenic.

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    Tea Silvestre

    I see some Gemini stuff happening here, which you could definitely build on. I think it’s pretty safe to say that most humans aren’t flat, 2-dimensional beings. We like lots of different things at different times in our lives. We can talk this out a bit during our meeting this morning…or when we have our next one-on-one.

    For now, just embrace the dual nature and notice the similarity (perhaps) to your Money Chi logo?

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