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    When Mary Rose was young, she was rambunctious. Always thinking, and doing, different then everyone else. She could never sit still and always seemed unsettled.

    She was called bossy, headstrong and tiring by most who knew her. Not her parents though, they called her a leader, fun-loving and adventurous.

    She adored her father, who was very smart, and as many would say, an early adopter of changing times. She loved spending time with him as he took on his next creation.

    Her mother was her rock, always there for support, but she did not quite understand her the way her dad did.

    Mary Rose did not do well in school. She was unfocused and scattered and the structure through her for a loop. She was often looked at as failed or flawed.

    She started to do things different just to find what worked for her. She played sports with the boys. Studied cooking as a vocation instead of studying academic to prepare for college. She would rebel again things girls were supposed to do and say.

    She was so busy fighting the norm that she did not realize how much she was accomplishing by mapping her own plan.

    Mary Rose knew what it was like to be different. She knows she is smart and savvy but is often wondering why she just could make things work just like everyone else.

    She enjoys flexibility in her days, working without a routine but always has a goal. When most would be ending the day she would be beginning since that was when she was most productive. It was like she was wired different then everyone else.

    She is often kept up at night because her mind never shuts off. She is a complex person and does not fit into any one box. She worries that if she does not follow the expert plans she will again be label a failure.

    Mary Rose values her freedom of choices. She is not impulsive, often thinking things through from many angles and levels. She looks for new and different but most importantly practical. She never buys because it is the latest trend and what is hot.

    You can often find Mary Rose in conversation with others. She loves to hear their stories. You will find her online in discussion groups and masterminds since she thrives on conversation and thought provoking ideas. You will also find her sitting with a friend at a long leisurely lunch.

    Her overall goal is to take advantage of every opportunity given to her and lead a well rounded life. She needs to embrace technology to make her work smarter and get stuff done. However she craves being active and discovering the world around her.

    You will often find her with family and friends enjoying the company they provide. She wants that for other momprenuers too. To stop working within everyone else’s plan and to start working within their own so that they can just breath and enjoy what they have around them.

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