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      What a terrific learning. I can’t say I was excited at looking at my numbers but I learned a lot. One I only started this in August. I’ve gotten a book written and soft launched. Not bad

      Insight #1 Half my tribe are men. Shocking. I’ll be adjusting my stance to welcome more ment. Although I don’t know if guys get the concept of mad money but the do understand passive income strategies.

      insight # 2 FB and Limkedin are the top referring sites. I see FB more as a research tool than leD gen. I’m open to suggestions for FB

      Insight #3 the more active I am the more my site gets traffic. Traffic boomed during the soft launch Nd plummeted afterwards.

      THIS WAS A GOOD PRE-planning weekend. I got reminded that I love interviews. More of that to come. I’d rather have best selling courses than coaching programs. I’m a words gal for sure but I see how compelling numbers can be.

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      I love your enthusiasm Dina:-) Numbers do talk, don’t they? Whether we like them or not, the stories numbers tell, cannot be denied. Your insights about your tribe and social media will come handy during our planning session. Good to have you with us.

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      All great info to have. Isn’t it interesting that your biggest followers are men?! That’s cool. I know men do pay great attention to money for sure.

      It’s always great knowing what fuels the fire for traffic. Great!


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