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    Hello everyone,

    Here’s the first attempt at identifying my Signature Dish.

    What do I want to be known for?

    – Instrumental in initiating positive change
    – Insightful
    – Creative problem solver / User friendly solutions
    – Great listener
    – Inspirational and practical
    – Big picture thinker
    – Unconventional
    – Influential mentor / teacher
    – Easy to trust

    My offerings

    The focus of the program “If it aien’t blooming, let it go!” is on overcoming self-doubt and becoming clearer and more confident about one’s direction, after a personal or professional change.

    – Online Seasons of Change questionnaire plus a 30 min. session to go over answers.

    GARDEN BASICS (Small Taste – $79)
    – Online Seasons of Change questionnaire, Online Workshop “If it aien’t blooming, let it go”, plus one 45 minute-session in-person – over the phone, or via Skype. Session can be scheduled before or after the workshop. Access to community forum.

    WHERE FLOWERS BLOOM (Main offering – $325)
    – Online Seasons of Change questionnaire, Online Workshop “If it aien’t blooming, let it go”, plus three 45-minute sessions in-person, over the phone, or via Skype. Sessions to be scheduled within a period of three months. Access to community forum.

    BOUNTIFUL HARVEST (Main+ offering -$875)
    – Online Seasons of Change questionnaire, Online Workshop “If it aien’t blooming, let it go”, plus nine 45-minute sessions in-person, over the phone, or via Skype. Sessions to be scheduled within a period of six months. Access to community forum.

    Features and Benefits

    (F) Convenient, highly interactive, personalized attention and feedback, not an one size fits all approach, part of a group of like-minded women, easy access to me, ongoing support via community room.

    (B) Will feel safe and supported, empowered, affirmed, will become clearer and more confident, will be able to make decisions based on new perspectives gained.

    What tools and resources do I need to execute successfully?

    – Broaden my network and outreach
    – Aggressive and deliberate marketing
    – Exposure
    – Building alliances
    – Landing pages for offerings and program / Sales page
    – Website revisions
    – Do things that I haven’t done before and step out of my comfort level.

    While working on the above, a bunch of questions came up for me.

    – The gardening theme kept coming up and I suspect I may be heading towards a brand overhaul.
    – I took a plunge and followed this hunch but I haven’t gotten Téa’s blessings yet:-) Ahem, ahem
    – If this happens, do I keep the name Open for Success for my business or change it? Can I adapt it?
    – Most probably, I’ll need to redesign my website to give the offerings primary focus.
    – What do you all think about the names of the offerings? What do you think about the offerings

    It’s possible that I’m going to post this and in a couple of days make revisions. I apologize in advance:-)

    By the way, here’s my doodle pic


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    I love your ideas of gardening and blooming! I also love your well thought ideas for packages and offerings. It makes complete sense to me.

    Do you plan on posting some things to build trust from brand new people like a call or something they could get to know you? Just a thought.


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    Thank you Stacey.

    For brand new people, taking the SOC (Seasons of Change) assessment would be a good entry point. I’m offering a 30 minute session to go over their results. That’s my “pink spoon” offering.

    The SOC questionnaire helps people determine the stage of transition they’re at. Knowing that will allow them to take appropriate action.

    I like your idea of an audio. I’ll have to think this through and see what I already have and what I can develop.


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    You could certainly post the audio right there or a video, even a series of interviews are some ideas.

    I love it, though!


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    I love the gardening theme
    I agree w/ Stacey MP3s are easy to put together esp if you have a mac (garage band). Video requires lighting and editing etc. You are so easy to talk to I think this would really show off your strengths and build trust.
    Can’t wait to see your garden in bloom.


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    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for your feedback and kind words. I do have a mac and I’ve done and posted audios before. I’m just not totally clear about what I’d say for this round of programs because I’m in the process of rebranding.
    I guess as I begin to write the content and design the new look for my website, it will fall into place. I agree with you . . . Audios are much easier.

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    Tea Silvestre

    As you know, my advice is always to blog/write as a way to both clarify your thinking AND share what’s changing in your business with your audience. I promise if you do this, you’ll find the pathway much more quickly.

    Your outline here is solid — just a bit more to flesh out which can be done during next month’s focus on sales pages (!).

    I’d like you to take a closer look tho at your pricing. I think you might be giving away too much. The free assessment might be better as a free tool if you could have some pre-built answers that would point them in a certain direction. THEN offer a 30-min session with you for $79.

    Your workshop — is that totally on-demand? Or will you do that live? Again, don’t load things in to your offer without pricing appropriately. It will feel like you’re trying to overcompensate for some kind of lack. Which you totally don’t have.

    More to talk about during Case Studies meeting!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Hi Yota!

    I’m catching up on the forum, so forgive my late response… I’m still getting my feet wet in the forum.

    It just so happens that I am currently working on the website for a life coach. One of her offerings includes Seasons of Change coaching, so I’m familiar with what you’re up to.

    Having filled out the SOC questionnaire, I think your free offer is a very good one. Something my client is doing: holding monthly free Google Hangouts to anyone who wants to show up. She’s been doing this for several months now and has about 4-5 core people. She sets a topic ahead of time and then simply moderates the conversation. It helps her demonstrate her group coaching skills–something she really enjoys doing. There’s no fee for this at the moment. It’s a way to gain exposure and she gets some market research in at the same time. It’s also helping her grow her Google+ presence and helping her gain confidence with the technology. How this will look in another 6-12 months–will it still be free or a paid-for offering? It all depends on how her business unfolds.

    I love the gardening metaphor, especially since I just completed a master gardening course a few months ago! It’s so visually rich–would really lend itself to a re-brand. Flowers are simply fabulous metaphors for getting your life back on track. We all want to be that happy, open-hearted daisy, looking brightly into the sun.

    You could also speak to:
    -life’s hard knocks acting like fertilizer in your life.
    -testing the soil before embarking on growing anything. Does the soil need amending? Are all the right nutrients.. compost… carbon.. nitrogen.. there to sustain growth?
    -what happens when you overwater?
    -what about drainage?
    -what about those pesky pests that chew on tender seedlings?
    -how about beneficial pests? Some bugs are good bugs, like ladybugs, bees.
    –we all need pollination.
    -perennials see it all and live through it all.
    -illness resistant plants/pairing plants together for resiliency

    I also like the invitation to walk into your garden.. gaze, smell, reflect. Feel safe. When I lived in DC, I was a frequent visitor of the National Cathedral’s Bishop Garden (just met the master gardener/horticulturalist who oversees the garden at a recent dinner party!) and truly considered it a safe haven where I was surrounded by peace and beauty.

    Perhaps for podcasts or webinars, you could start out with your logo and a nice nature sound clip.


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    Hi Susan,

    Thank you so much for your rich, thoughtful feedback, and your terrific ideas. You hit all the right notes. Since I posted this piece of homework, I redesigned my website to reflect the gardening theme. It made sense since gardening is a life necessity for me:-) I never attended classes so I learned most of what I know the hard way — trial and error.
    I fell in love with the Seasons of Change model in the early 2000s and became a SOC Master Coach in 2006. It’s the perfect fit. I’m happy to hear that you like it.
    I love the idea of doing something via Google Hangouts. I think your client had the right idea. I hope it catches up soon for her.
    I definitely need to put myself out there more. I’m looking forward to our planning session with Téa.
    Congratulations on completing the master gardening course. I’d love to see photos of your garden.
    Big hugs.

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