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    Tea Silvestre

    My content strategy is built around my 3 main goals which are:
    1. Build my list
    2. Build my brand
    3. Launch my online course: Replenish: Feeding your Life with Energy,Health and Happiness

    I am currently using blog,email and FB as my formats for communication until I complete my market research.

    My goal is to write a blog post once a month and have 2-3 B posts/week that support the themes.

    I am currently contemplating repurposing some PPT presentations that I have made in the past however they are a bit more academic than I would like so we will see.

    March HOW to eat/attuned eating
    April Moving your Body in Joy
    May Restorative sleep
    June Mind your Mind/Inner energy
    July Essential Health(putting all four components together:Replenish)
    August Thriving not just surviving

    What I need to succeed:
    Continue to hone my actual writing process-ie actually blocking out time in my calendar to write, no matter what
    Ongoing accountability/support-I have this with a small blogging group-yeah group!
    Confidence that I can handle the techie stuff-sounds ridiculous I know, but even using aweber makes me nervous.
    The wisdom to ask for help when I am stuck!

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    That is wonderful that you have the PP presentations to work with. Isn’t it amazing how we see things in a different light as we grow. I’ve written things that others told me was pure genius and I think they were sincere. But when I went to look at them again, I could see so much weakness and re-write potential.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Wonderful start here, Sandra! I love the simplicity of the topics and how they support your program. Also happy to hear you’ve got support via a blogging group and the DDR. Asking for help can be a biggie, so good for you for speaking that outloud.

    Question – what is the goal date for starting your program?

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