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    I’m a new member. I became aware of the DDR when the BYOR challenge ended and the participants were all ‘talking’ about doing more. I accepted the gift trial, but I didn’t really get a good taste, so I’m going to continue. My first love is to build WordPress websites, then offer strategy on Nurture Marketing, read and review books, and blog and learn. I like WP because of the ways clients can be empowered to do some of their own website ‘work’ if they want. I think I enjoy the sites where I consult and help with the code more than the ones where they say “Surprise me.”

    I enjoyed BYOR because I firmly believe that social media is about relationships. I’ve already gained strength and direction from being here.

    There are many leaves (it’s autumn/winter in Missouri). Sometimes we see a red leaf among the gold/brown. It just stands out…I’d like to do that.

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