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    Jansen Photo Expeditions Sales System Overview

    Our CEO meeting will be every Monday morning at 10am – 11am. As my husband and I work together, this is a perfect time to put all of our ideas for the business to be discussed at one meeting, instead of drips and drabs throughout the week.

    Agenda will include every month:
    Week 1 – Review Financials and bookings
    Week 2 – Web Traffic, social media numbers, Email subscribers,
    Week 3 – Planning for new workshops
    Week 4 – Review of what worked and what didn’t

    After reviewing our systems for the last couple of weeks, I’m creating a new system for leads that we receive so we look and sound like a “well oiled machine”. We have workshops listed on the website and about 1/2 the time people will go to the website and book, but when they don’t book and want a custom option, they will call or email us and it can cause some “inter office” confusion. Sometimes clients will call us and ask for other dates or locations, and we of course can accommodate them, but we need to be able to rattle them off at a moment’s notice. I have set up a list of prices and locations, and well set up scripts for each workshop and our response when they inquire.

    System includes:

    – Email to respond to requests for information with follow up emails
    – Telephone points to be sure to tell client if request is over the phone
    – Prices for private or group workshops depending on the number of participants and location
    – If they don’t pay online, offer to take their payment over the phone so they don’t have the option to change their mind
    – Policy on deposits for trips
    – List of photographic equipment and gear to send clients
    – Reservation information for hotels and transportation if needed
    – Make sure to add people to email list who request information

    Future Systems to create:
    Review contracts with Prepaid legal
    Work on international contracts
    Contracts for creating workshops and working with partners

    This is going to be really valuable and will become a regular part of the business.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Brava, Holly! I love that you’ve gotten specific with your CEO agendas and have already jumped in on systemizing your lead-follow ups. One last thing to consider: long-term strategizing. Can you also set up quarterly or semi-annual times to do bigger picture plans?

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