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    Session Cafe is a membership site for music therapists working with older adults. It opened in November 2014. This page is to help explain what is there for free and what members get. As it exists now, many of the recommended changes have been made.

    Within the DDR, Birdy recommended making it very clear from the start who this was for. In response I added “Hey music therapists working with older adults” to the top of the page. At her recommendation, the “who this is not for” was also moved up.

    A couple music therapists recommended defining IG so I’ve added it after the word “intergenerational” a couple times before you see it alone.

    Given feedback from music therapists and from the DDR, I will be updating the visual image to remove the “quick sips” line and add more definition of what things are (such as changing “Cooking-up IG” to something along the lines of “Details and forms for cooking-up your own IG group”.) This along with some changes I made to the wording should address Birdy’s concerns about the Quick Sip confusion.

    Birdy also recommended a sample session plan to encourage people to become members. This is in my plans. I’ll likely tie it to an “auto” message a month after someone subscribes to Quick Sips. Most music therapists discover this site through my primary work site – Music Sparks. They do get some session planning material there with many of the posts now having an “if you want more details/ideas” type tag to send them to Session Cafe. My challenges will be to make this something that is appropriate across the year and something more fleshed out than what is on Music Sparks.

    Birdy also recommended some wording changes removing the “sometimes” statement about session planning. However, this statement seems to resonate with music therapists so I am leaving it for now.

    I see this as a page that will continue to evolve including the addition of more details about what is behind the membership walls.

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    Tea Silvestre

    I LOVE that you received (and integrated) a lot of great tips already, JoAnn. Here are a few more bits (which I hope to expand on in our Case Studies meeting today):

    * Watch how many questions you use. Try to limit to just one or two at a time. Multiple questions all at once have a tendency to make your reader feel like they’re being interrogated. We want them to answer, ‘Yes’ to one or two and then give them some simple statements beyond that.
    * Take a look at the Starter Recipe module (the Sales Page module) and figure out what the #1 problem is that the Cafe solves. Start there. Why does that problem continue to exist? What’s possible once that problem is solved? Make that information front and center.
    * The investment you’re asking for isn’t very high, so we don’t need to make this page very long. Consider removing the free sips pieces and putting that in a sidebar or on another page altogether. Every sales page needs to really have just one call to action. In this case, you want your reader to enroll in 1 of 3 levels. Don’t confuse them by adding the freebie emails.
    * Do you have any members yet that can provide you with testimonials? We’d love to hear from a satisfied customer or two.

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    Thanks to Yota, I just put out a call for testimonials so I hope to add them in the next week or so. I’ll explore where to move the freebie information – maybe even to it’s own page or see if I can set-up a sidebar spot. Thanks for all the tips. I look forward to listening to the case studies at a later time.

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