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    Ideal Client for TravelReadyMD as pivots towards education of business travelers:
    HR is where we find our client who will then advocate within her company for TravelReadyMD to help the traveling employee.

    Kathy is a professional- she really values her work but doesn’t think others always do. She is active in her children’s life, providing cupcakes for school parties, is a member of the PTA and belongs to the neighborhood book club. She earns a good live, is modest in her spending habits, and always contributes to her favorite charity- local no-kill animal shelter for dogs. Kathy is cautious, never the first to adopt something. She would rather ‘see how it works out’ before trying something new. She is caught between her dual obligations at work to senior management AND employees. This emotional sandwich is familiar as she is caught between dual obligations to her family and her career. She is a pleaser and never wants to make waves.

    Kathy is a 38-year old woman living in Western Pennsylvania who earns $83,000 at a local tightly held manufacturing business of about 50 employees. The boss is beginning to expand the business to global markets. Kathy is charged with helping to keep the company in compliance with regulations, but she also is concerned about the health and well-being of her employees (she considers them ‘family’).

    Kathy is concerned that the boss will not see the need or purpose for helping traveling employees- that the boss will see it as wasted money. She feels she is often relegated to filling out forms and keeping the company clear of compliance issues. Secretly she wants to be part of the team, to be considered analytic and insightful, even if others only see her as ‘the HR lady’. She is a little frustrated that she is not allowed to make many purchasing decisions- she always has to get approval from senior management for medium to large purchases. Kathy is extremely short of time at work; with the ever-changing landscape of regulations and employee healthcare she barely has time to finish her mandatory work before rushing off to help her family.

    Competing for Kathy’s attention are her two young boys ages 9 & 11 who have a busy afterschool sports schedule. Kathy wants the family to run smoothly- and has essentially the same role at work as she does at home. Her biggest fear is to not be able to please her boss or her husband. In her spare time she participates in family activities, only taking a little time for herself to walk regularly and participate in a book club.

    Kathy needs someone to be her ally,to help her with her time crunch, her dual obligations, and to help her achieve her dream of moving from a local HR job to a regional HR director. If only she had the time, and it wouldn’t cause too many waves at work or home.

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    Tea Silvestre

    This is great. Her conflict seems very real in the corporate HR world. Love that she sees the employees as family and wants to be more of a decision maker.

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