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    Social Media Changes

    I focused on Linkedin as it seemed to be where I might find my ideal client- HR directors.
    I particularly liked doing 10 min per day. It seems both doable and natural (vs intensive blasts)

    I updated my profile and set out to connect with people.

    I connected with several people in my region which then led to appointments- which is how people do business here in Pittsburgh. I know, not online but I am going with the flow. I haven’t met with everyone yet but already interesting projects are coming up.

    I learned that my target clients will be having a large association meeting in October- which I have put on the calendar.

    I have developed a strategy to take info from the newspaper (which companies are opening up new markets) to try to find their employees online.

    I think this is the correct social media for me to continue to focus on and will spend more time on this over the coming months.

    I also bought a book about Linkedin from Wayne Breitbarth (he has a great newsletter I’ve been reading..time to take it up a notch)

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    Tea Silvestre

    Wow, this sounds great, Sarah. I’m in some HR groups, so maybe I’ll run into you!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Yes! You’ve got the FIRE method down pat. Find the companies. Identify their needs (via news especially), Research and reach out, and Engage. OFFLINE almost always wins over online. Especially if you sell services or B2B (as you do).

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