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    Tea Silvestre

    My Technology Toolbox will be an on-going service I will be formally announcing shortly. (Guess it’s time to start some buzz, eh?) It’s a one-time investment for the client where I get down and dirty on:

    • How their business currently operates.
    • What’s working (and what’s not working).
    • What their biz goals and objectives are in the short and long term.

    And at the end of the Toolbox session I provide them with a list of technology tools and ideas that’s chosen especially for their business on twelve different business areas.

    Instead of spending hours (come on, it’s more like DAYS) researching and trying to figure it all out on their own, they can hit the ground running with my narrowed down and relevant suggestions. They can begin implementing systems and developing processes for the business immediately. They DON’T have to second-guess EVERYTHING.

    I’m assuming this service will also be a sales-funnel for longer term coaching. I was tempted to make this a loss-leader at first, but after doing a few pro-bono: It’s a LOTTA lot of work! I’ve decided that until my process is super fine-tuned AND I know how many do end up converting into longer term clients, to price it based on the workload required. And see what happens! Salespage:

    Goal: I would like to sell two (2) each month.

    Required Reach:
    Based on the Rule of 7 and assuming a response rate of .01, I must reach a minimum 200 prospects AND reach them a minimum of 7 times.

    How Will I Reach All These #$%!-ing People:
    Actually, the 200 number isn’t as scary. It’s completely in the realm of doable.

    The tricky part will be A) finding a regular stream of NEW prospects to market to on a regular basis and B) the minimum of 7x’s part.

    I’m in a few Facebook groups that are large and have lots of my ideal candidates.

    Now I don’t want to be THAT gal that pitches my shizz all the time. Instead, I’ll find a way to drive them to my site (via blog content) to see if I can build a longer term relationship via my opt-in list.

    Maybe I’ll have a website pop-up about this new service for awhile…

    Overall, I feel like my best avenue will be to promote other content (e.g. a blog post that complements this service) to drive traffic to my website, and then have an opt-in offer semi-related to this service that will entice targeted prospects to join my list.

    Other Channels:

    • In-person networking with the SLO Women’s Network members who have some reach.
    • Corresponding blog-post that would complement this service – then promote the snot out of it.
    • Reach out to a few influencers to see if there is an opportunity to guest blog/offer a webinar to their followers. (After my new website is completed.)
    • FB fans + FB groups
    • Email newsletter

    Tell us how you will follow-up with those who look interested (but haven’t yet purchased):
    Given the price point, I’m happy to offer (initially via email) a 15-minute phone call to answer any questions they have and encourage them to value their time by taking advantage of my expertise in this area.

    Secondary goal:

    I don’t have a big list. It’s still (waaaayyyyy) less than one hundred peeps. AND…I don’t have a large Facebook audience outside of groups I am a part of. Not that Facebook would be that helpful without boosting some numbers. I mean, holy hell with it’s recent outreach numbers.

    If I’m unable to fill my two slots in June, I want to use the time I’d spend on those sessions promoting my content, doing more networking (online + off), being more “social” with online groups where I’d be a good fit and have lots of business folks.

    The overall secondary goal is to grow my list and social media followers.

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    Do you have your blog topics already selected? I love the idea of driving people to your site. I’ve been there a few times and love it.

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