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      Tea Silvestre

      Here is my 3 or so stories from looking at my data.

      First – I have been keeping track of my monthly income for the past 10+ years and it is so heartening for me to see the steady increases – especially in the last 5 years. I have ups and downs month to month but overall I no longer have the “how am I going to survive?” months that I had as recently as 2011. I am satisfied with my income.

      This year, 2015, February was a pretty low month, but I moved into our house that month and had come off two pretty busy months prior (Jan & Dec) and remember saying how much I needed some time just to unpack, etc. And, I still panicked that month. Sheesh!

      My bread and butter is one-one readings, 55-60% of my income. I am guessing I will have fewer newer clients this year – 85 in 2014 and right now I am about 60 (by end of Oct.) I do not track where they come from and this is something I want to start doing. Anecdotally (I always ask – just don’t record) they are through my website or Yelp. (I have a couple of good reviews on Yelp) more so than word of mouth.

      I do not look at website opens – yikes. When I send out news emails my open rate is usually over 40% but I have really fallen down on this. I need to get this back on track!!

      Sometimes I think I am lucky to be doing as well as I am (for the scant marketing efforts) and then I remind myself of the 10-15 years of working all sorts of Tarot gigs, all hours, doing two years of a groupon type offering, 20+ years of Renaissance Festival 20 hr. weekends, starting my women’s group at $10 a person, etc. In other words I have laid the groundwork.

      Now I need tighter accountability and systems that help me track. Ok – more than 3 but it feels good to put this out there.

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