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    1. Feedback from your clients, audience, colleagues and peers:
    >> What THREE words would you use to describe me?
    Here are my words: encouraging, inspiring, inquisitive, insightful, smart, persistent, celebrity- like???, open-minded, professional
    >> What ONE EMOTION do you feel when you think about me/my brand? acceptance, you’re OK and great in fact, thoughtful & truthful inspiration

    >> What ONE QUALITY do you associate most with my business/me? authentic, reveals/discerns the spark – the truth, unveils people’s gifts

    2. Pick ONE area of your branding to improve and clarify this month: body of work – path up to the mountain top

    3. Identify what you need (resources, decisions, etc.) to make that happen. Outline the steps you’ll take.

    Packaging what I do into something more concrete that just branding. When I spoke with my clients, they associate my strengths more with being a business strategist than with branding. I created Brand From Within because it was what I needed ironically.

    I had a hard time committing to “services” because I didn’t want to miss out on any work. And since my expertise is so broad, I didn’t want to commit to concrete services
    – build it – define the core business offerings based on who you are & market needs
    – brand it – create all the marketing that makes you unique
    – broadcast it – video and content marketing
    It’s live on my website thanks to Tea, helping me.

    I’m still trying to integrate more of me (on the personal side) into my brand. That is coming up. I want to establish my core expertise first, then integrate the personal brand side. I don’t want people to be confused when I reveal more of my personal brand. Your thoughts?

    TAGLINE? I came up with some taglines/headlines but nothing really stuck…playing with the words such as marketing strategies for the holistic entrepreneur.

    According to my fascinate assessment I’m the rockstar so I work best with people who want unconventional/bold ideas or forward thinking ideas. Other words – perceptive insights, perceptive problem solver, forward thinking results, energizing creativity, innovate skillset….

    4. Take action and report to the group when you post your summary (see deadline below).
    I will write a blog post on this. Need to think through the lesson.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Committing to a path (or specific services) will help you immensely when it comes to messaging and branding. Spend the next 6 to 12 months focusing like a laser on these and you will build a solid reputation which you can then expand to include other services, if you want.

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