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      Tea Silvestre

      START where you are,
      USE what you have
      DO what you can.

      That’s the quote that I shared on the whiteboard at the start of a group session I was leading last week. I thought it particularly motivating and it generated some great discussions amoung the people there who are managing their lives with a chronic disease.

      Later that night I sat at my computer feeling frustration and self defeat while completing this months homework. I felt a sense of shame and embarassment that I didn’t even know how to install google analytics, let alone use it. I wondered if I should even be a DDR member, as when I look at all the numbers I am not even sure I have a ‘real’ business. Ouch. Allowing myself a bit of time to wallow in that heaviness, I then attempted to reframe for myself: “Well, we all got to start somewhere.” And that reminded me of the whiteboard mantra from earlier in the day. Big breath…yes…

      START where you are, USE what you have, DO what you can.

      ’cause really what else are you going to do?(except maybe resist, self-flagellate,scream,procrastinate….)

      As one of my clients pointed out in the session, “it kinda allows you to accept where you are and just start moving forward from here, with what you got and to the best of your current abilities”.

      He and I both find some comfort and peace in that.

      So for now, that’s my mantra(story) and I’m sticking to it.

      (And yes, TEA, I do hear the echos of a blog post in here somewhere. 😉 )


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      Tea Silvestre

      Awesome, Sandra. And I love that quote too. Glad you were able to get going. One step at a time!!

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      That’a a great mantra, Sandra. If you’re in the DDR, you belong in the DDR. I’m really happy you stopped yourself from going down that rabbit hole.

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      Great reminder! I do have great fear of completing this assignment. I do LOVE your mantra. I’ll have to borrow this for sure.



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