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    Tea Silvestre

    My goal is to fill a trip to Paris in May, 2015 with 6-10 participants.

    I plan to reach 2,000 people by:

    Build my email list – emailing 5 people a day to tell them what I’m up to and ask if they want to be on my list (kills 2 birds with one stone) – email list once a month.

    Create a Soirée event introducing French culture, wine, cheese, chocolates with a slide show.
    Update social media once a week

    Facebook boost 2x

    Network with 2 travel agents (to organize private soiree for their clients)

    In person networking event

    Network with 2 wealth managers (to organize private soiree for their clients)

    Ask past clients for referrals

    Create an intake form for interested travelers

    Follow up on interested travelers and take deposits, set up payment schedule

    Duplicate this monthly until Dec, until trip is filled, then create another trip…repeat

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