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    A little background: My music therapy services are provided through Music Sparks ( ). The website has been a point of connecting with my ideal clients and also those interested what music I included in my sessions for older adults, preschoolers, and intergenerational groups.

    I gather emails for people wanting to know about my local offerings and a separate list of those wanting session planning ideas.

    Realizing this is a total mashup of people, I started a new membership site – Session Cafe. ( ). This is targeted at music therapists who are hunger for help planning their sessions for older adults. It provides time test themed experiences for them to mix and match. These are busy people that are trying to save time so I am also adding audios for the session ideas.

    I am able to connect with them live at our national conference as well as regional conferences. Conversing between sessions and at special population gatherings is my face to face with them. I will be co-presenting at regional this year which should add to my street cred and name recognition. They tend to hangout on Facebook and discuss issues in closed groups (of which I am a member). There are many with a presence on Twitter where we exchange articles and have some friendly fun. I dipped my toe to connect with them also on LinkedIn.

    In the last year I have conducted phone interviews with over 20 of the music therapists on my list. I have also used survey monkey to gather information. I am trying to stop into the closed Facebook groups at least 3 times a week and post daily on my business Facebook page. On Twitter I share (6 days a week) a mix of my posts, quotes, another other finds in addition to general interactions.

    I’ve been getting 3-4 new additions to my Session Cafe email list. I send out a weekly email to them. Three of the 4 are a portion of an open blog (A quick sip) on the Cafe. The 4th is a sharing of what has been added that month to the Cafe.

    My plan is to keep this the weekly newsletter. Beginning is March, I’d like to interview 1-2 of the members each month. I’ve managed to get few people to respond to the autoresponder for the newsletter asking how I can specifically assist. I’d also like to start gathering emails so I can send snail mail to them each quarter.

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