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    Tea Silvestre

    So… I did my avatar a bit differently. Instead of focusing on the villain, I did a customer avatar of someone afflicted with my villain, “Next Level-Itis.”

    Next Level-Itis is a virus that convinces people who are reaching a level of success in their business that it’s easier to stay where they are currently at, instead of making some core operational changes – or business model changes, that they gotta do to scale. These people are working 60-hour weeks to keep up and part of them knows they gotta make changes – improve processes and hire help, but they’re worried if they do that the wheels will fall off this fast passed runaway train!

    Enter Laurie, a 38 year old business owner who runs Yoga Warrior Coaching.

    “I’m really pumped about the fact I finally wrote my book. I haven’t even promoted it that much yet, but my coaching practice is starting to take off (finally!). This is great, but the reality is…it’s taking a lot of my time lately. I feel really blessed, but I’m also feeling a bit confused. I’m not sure if this is how I want to do business.

    The problem is, coaching one at a time – while super rewarding, is taking all of my time. I started my business in part to enjoy my life more than when I worked 9-5p. I wanted to have a couple hours in the middle of the week doing yoga, and then in the afternoons be able to pick up my son from school. But lately, I have either clients or administrative tasks I have to do to keep up. Especially since I’ve worked so hard to get business – I feel like I gotta keep going while the goings’ good!

    But I’m burnt out and I’m sure there’s a better way. I do a lot of things by hand, so I wonder if there are ways to automate? But when I really think about it, I think it might hard to make the changes to automate. I feel really stressed about that, so I haven’t really looked into it. I don’t want to mess things up and then have even MORE to do to fix it.

    And I really want to be able to share my newest project, my book, more! But with constant clients, even going on the local radio programs for 2 hours isn’t an option. Local events – forget about it! Something’s gotta give or I’ll never reach the next level. It’s silly, but making big changes just feels totally overwhelming right now. At the same time, where I’m at isn’t working.

    I guess deep down, I know that my business model needs to evolve. Probably starting an online group program would be the best option. I can develop the content, no problem. But figuring out how the technologies and operational pieces, oy! So I’d need help there.

    I also need to find ways to promote my book and services, and have thought of starting a blog – but again, how do I fit more in while honoring my goals? Is it really worth it? Really, I just want to go to my “office,” see a few clients, go online, and then relax.

    If I do this, I need some support. Someone to push me a bit, but also someone to vent to. And who ever helps me, they gotta help me a develop a plan that I can refer to and feel good about it. They’ll need to know how to set it in motion as I have to maintain a certain level of income while we make changes, so a good chunk of my energy needs to be focused on the here and now. I guess I need a technology partner basically who can first improve my current operations a tad – my email is a mess, and then help me plot stage 2 of my business. – Avatar of someone with “Next Level-Itis”

    Why I Choose This Villain:

    As Tea has pointed-out, it’d be wiser to focus my energy on businesses who have found a level of success already that can afford my services.

    The reality is right now I get business who are hiring me as a last-ditch effort and are finally ready to *try* the tech component to see if it helps (so in their case, it’s usually online marketing/presence stuff).

    Or, I get businesses who are just starting and the owner is boot-strapping it. They don’t have the initial capital to really afford me, or don’t see the value in it.

    And then the third type is someone who I can tell needs me, and they have $, but they either haven’t made the connection or they don’t even know there’s a better way.

    Then there’s Laurie with “Next Level-itis.” She’s made the connection that she needs a technology partner/coach. She has the money to invest now that her biz has picked up and gotten it’s sea legs – she’s passed the BrokeAss stage.

    But there is a bit of fear involved because she doesn’t want to fuck up and lose any progress of what’s she built. In her case, some of it’s internal (if I make any changes, the house of cards will fall) and some of it’s external (her schedule is truly packed).

    But her core desire to reach more people while having a semi-balanced life should be able to kill the virus, especially if I can give her immune system a shock by having brilliant marketing to rev her immune system up. Yay!

    Lisa Note #2: I gotta jet as I have a client. So I’m pasting my (crappy) list of 8 villains below.

    And by 8, I mean 6.

    I’m hoping to flesh them out more before noon but not sure if that’s realistic.

    Q: What’s standing in their way?

    – Unable to learn/do it limiting belief.
    – Not enough time (but really, it’s not a priority)
    – Time (Too much to do for reals)
    – Cash availability (real or perceived)

    – Next Level-Itis
    – The Scapegoat Excuse (Bahhh!): Feels better to have a “thing” that isn’t done well (e.g. marketing or technology), that is the “reason” for their businesses lack of success. If they addressed it and the problems weren’t fixed they’d have to take an honest look at their business.

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    Tea Silvestre

    God/dess bless, this is awesome! Do you have any entry-level stuffs on your site for those of us who ain’t there yet, but will be presently?

    Like you as a person, but didn’t grok that WonderLand might well stand in need of your services one day until I read this.

    Love that ‘Scapegoat Excuse’ too – good point!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Wow. You’ve accomplished so much in this assignment! What an excellent, fleshed out narrative about the situation of next level itis. You delved really deep and created a rich story. I wouldn’t be so apologetic about the others. Geesh!! Nice work.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Thank you, Gloria and Birdy. While it only took a bit to write this, I spent a lot of time this weekend muling it over.

    If I could ask a small favor from ya both, I’m curious what struck a cord! Seems like SOMETHING with the avatar really connected and I want to know WHAT (and maybe why if you have that available off the cuff)?

    What made you guys take notice and go “Huh!”? What stuck out when you read it? I want to thank you in advance and if it’s easier to paste snippets, words, statements, etc – it all HELPS me a ton.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Birdy: I have a free resource (workbook) that I *JUST* finished that will be available online soon. Real soon.

    I hate signing up for most email newsletters, but if you join mine (here: – even temporarily – I’ll be passing info about the workbook there.

    Otherwise, keep checking back at my site at for updates. A new RESOURCES area in the navigation is coming soon. I’ll make a reminder in my checklist app to be in touch with you personally once it’s released to the wild, but no promises. 🙂

    And I have a few small programs I’m developing. Keyword: small – they’re my practice programs. I was planning on having newsletter people be beta testers at a huge discount, so might be another reason to check out my optin list.

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    Great post! What a terrible infection….glad to see you have found some treatments for it.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Fabulous job, my dear. Hoping we can continue this conversation for you during our meeting today.

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