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    Tea Silvestre

    The energetic love-children of the Red Queen and the White Rabbit (now King Rabbit), they combine the snap-psychosis of the Red Queen and the detail-obsessiveness of the White Rabbit into an unholy alliance determined to keep everybody on the same page.

    They destroy Dreams willy-nilly, they encourage people to worry about keeping up with the Joneses (Jonestown sadly okay too, which is to say that they give zero-fs about the damage they cause along their way), instead of figuring out what they most deeply desire to do.

    They seem so nice on the outside (like that serial killer stashing people in his basement when all his neighbors were saying ‘Oh, he’s such a NICE man!’, even as he was being led away in handcuffs), but just wait until you challenge them! Then their faces split open and the horrendously huge Mouse Fangs emerge, to rend and tear at the souls of those unfortunate enough to have incurred their ‘righteous’ wrath!

    Why the Normals?

    They are the foes of every single one of our peeps – from the purr-son coming to nurture their Bold Idea to the purr-son coming to buy a talisman to the purr-son coming to buy a deck or read a book.

    Nellie Normal

    Special Snowflake Syndrome – not me, not worthy, only for Special, Sacred People (who will never be me)

    Don’t Stand Out – or the Normals will get you!

    Inch-wide Worldview – expansion’s okay, but everything needs to stay the same

    Too Much Information! – everybody’s talking and nobody’s agreeing on much of anything

    Magick-bean Searcher – wants the power, doesn’t desire to do the work – any of it

    Voice of Loudest Shouting – gets butts in the seats, then leaves them confused

    This Stuff is Weird – and therefore Irrelevant – all the nonsense, the scared skeptics, all the garbage intentionally and un-intentiionally spread out

    Strange and Unsimple – can’t get heads ’round enough to see the value

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    Tea Silvestre

    The “Normals.” So they think. Good ones!!

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    Tea Silvestre

    Exactly, Gloria! Arbiters of taste, fashion, and propriety, or so they think.

    Thank’ee’s! πŸ™‚ :>O<:

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    Tea Silvestre

    Yes. This was *ME* even six months ago. I thought I had to be a serious suit to be considered a real business and … spoiler alert: it didn’t work.

    The more I do this, I realize my personality attracts people who enjoy working with me. They’re cool with laughing a bit while learning about tech. My oddities aren’t liabilities, they’re assets. I can be a knowledgable *and* practical goofball.

    Being normal and trying to have the business that the Jonestown villagers would want, it wasn’t working! I think you’re on to something here, Birdy.

    I do think some of the suits get frustrated with my newfound voice. But I’m officially in the honey-badger stage (here’s the clean version: of my business and I love it. (In fact, I need to print out some honey badger photos for my inspiration wall. It’s my new mascot. See what your homework did. I found my mascot.)

    And…jealous of the great villain names you have in your list. They made me LOLZ a bit and they were clear for me.

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    Tea Silvestre

    I hear you, Lisa! So have I. Why it’s taken me this long to even begin to get traction.

    (Hmmm… I think there may be a deck in this! πŸ˜€ :>O<: )

    “My oddities aren’t liabilities, they’re assets. I can be a knowledgable *and* practical goofball.”

    So true! Tho’ sometimes also so hard to do. My housie recently called me her “Practical Impractical Friend” – good description. πŸ˜€

    If it helps calm your concerns any, Nicole Fende, the Numbers Whisperer(r), has happy clients from both the straight-laced and the Quirkypreneur worlds, so it is possible to do!

    Good for you on the HoneyBadger ATtitude of ‘I will NOT BE MOVED!’

    Best of Fortune to you on your Quest, and please let me know if I can help you in any way as you go! πŸ™‚ :>O<:

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    Tea Silvestre

    Part II

    Aww… glad I could be of help!

    If you ever desire to chat names, look me up! Will be happy to help out. πŸ™‚ :>O<:

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    Yep I think you have a good foe…trick is just to ‘permit’ people to be released from their own constrainment.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Love what you’ve done here, Birdy. Can’t wait to see how you expand on this.

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