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    My Big Why – Evolving Injoy Life Concept

    I am in the middle of figuring out my Big Why. It feels like peeling away the layers of an onion to get to the real core inside. Twelve months ago I launched a rebrand of my life coaching business around the concept of “Injoy Life.” I did a makeover of my website to reflect this, had brochures printed up, and started delivering the Injoy Life talk and workshops. It felt like I was getting closer to figuring out my niche, but still a little hard to decide who to target. After all, everyone can benefit from learning to injoy life more.

    Then, last November I joined the DDR and realized I still had a long way to go. I needed to hone in on my target market, develop a theme, create a compelling signature tool/program, and work all of that into a more productive and reliable sales funnel. So, for November and December, I put up posters, woke up a lot in the middle of the night with ideas, and got into the work of creating my brand. The results were:

    1) Target Market – Professional women, like me, who have focused on their career and business success and forgotten how to injoy their lives. Groups to target are women lawyers, women realtors, women business owners, etc.

    2) Theme – Bakery/Café theme to evoke the process of carving out time for a relaxing, joyful moment at a coffeehouse to get in touch with what brings joy. I love to bake and visit great independent coffeehouses. I meet friends and clients at these kind of places all the time.

    3) Signature Tool – The Pink Box. The Pink Box is about creating and savoring your unique recipe for joy. Much like the delight you get from filling a pink bakery box with tasty treats, it is equally delicious to fill your life with the people, pursuits, and personal care that allow you to “injoy” every precious moment.

    4) Three new workshops – Create Your Pink Box, Protect Your Pink Box, and Share Your Pink Box.

    5) Revised my Injoy Life talk to tell my story and explain how I created the Pink Box to help people connect with their joy center and make life choices to bring more joy.

    6) Revised my e-mail newsletter to become a weekly newsletter called The Sweet Spot. Each month I have been focusing on one of the six elements of the Pink Box.

    7) Developed a Pink Box Coaching Sampler Program as my “pink spoon”

    8) Created the Injoy Café, a beta-group to test out the idea of a membership community for people who have attended the Pink Box workshops and want to continue to focus on joy.

    So, for January through April, I have been out there delivering the Injoy Life talk and offering the workshops to my own audiences as well as for several client organizations. I have been offering the Pink Box Coaching Sampler and have had about ten people do it with me. Two have become regular coaching clients. I have been able to get my newsletter out every week, which I am very proud of as I used to only do it monthly.

    Whew, it has been a busy few months. Now, it is time to step back for the next few weeks and decide what worked, what did not, what to do going forward, and how to update my website to reflect my new brand clarity. Plus, I am still not making the money from all this that I know I can.

    I have a lot to consider and then much work to get the website and brand message in line. I will be planning that out over the next month and will be getting help from the DDR Mastermind group and my private sessions with Tea. As a place to start for this homework assignment, I have upgraded my Pink Box Coaching Sampler description on my website to better identify my target market and what they will gain by doing it with me. You can see the update at

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    Tea Silvestre

    This is a great summary, Cindy and a wonderful outline for those looking to understand how to integrate the branding throughout the biz.

    Took a quick look at your website and wanted to offer this small tidbit of advice on next steps: Think about integrating this with the look/feel of your site and your logo. Consider also adding a tagline to your logo so that website visitors immediately understand (within 6 seconds) where they are and can say, “I’m in the right place.”

    And lastly, think about swapping the order of the content on that page so that the Pink Box is at the top — prominent. Let your reader get to the heart of what you’re about and how you can help them immediately. The other stuff (What is Life Coaching & even some of Coaching with Cindy) can come after.

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