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    Tea Silvestre

    I’m really much better when I collaborate with someone so I decided to look at collaboration/partnerships

    What I need to do to improve my in this area:

    – decide who I can best partner with – what types of businesses, what types of people, what types of organizations.
    – make a list of people to reach out to
    – check their websites to find if they’re aligned with what I do and my way of thinking
    – start reaching out by email to see if they’re interested in having a chat

    Since deciding to focus on partnerships, I’ve spoken to three business owners at my church about putting on workshops in the community. We’re starting to collect ideas about how this could work.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Yes, absolutely, Maggie. AND we’d love to see you flesh this out a bit more for us.

    What types of businesses have you already considered partnering with? Give us some examples. (Who did you already reach out to?)

    What criteria are you looking for when you examine their websites? What are your must-haves? And what are your deal-breakers?

    And finally, what are your end goals for building new partnerships? Would you like to only put on joint workshops? Or did you have other ideas in mind?

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