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    1 & 2. Have several times blocked dedicated to working on my business. With no clear structure I did not make the most of this time. Here are the times I chose:

    Mondays 8am-9am >> Planning Time
    Review hard deadlines
    Review new requests.projects
    Schedule deliverables in PM system
    Add additional needed business building time
    **Will allow me to best utilize the time dedicated to my business**

    Fridays 8am-9:30am >> CEO Time
    Review financial reports
    Review Analytic stats
    Review and plan content revisions (will be based on stats/reports)
    Revise/Add to processes, as needed
    **Will allow me to dedicate time to building my business**

    3. This month I will analyze accounting/bookkeeping. I decided to start there to find my money making services and how I can add to those. Also, I pay to have my books done so I want to be sure that the process is running smoothly and make sure my accountant gets where I am going to make effective projections.

    4. Spend TWO weeks documenting what happens & when with that piece; identify what needs to improve & how you’ll get answers.
    I have identified that even though I schedule time for me I end up taking on small or emergency projects. I am sticking with the new schedule and not making exceptions to my business time.

    I need to work on streamlining what I offer to my ideal client and start working on those including adding to the sales funnel and promotion. I will create an automated system to make the most of this.

    On a positive note: I created an automated quote process that allows me to create my quote in QuoteRoller and use that for follow-up and changes. I can then convert that to an invoice using my billing program. Once the client signs on then I have another process to welcome them and get the information I need. I may use my CEO time to review this process as I streamline services.

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    Tea Silvestre

    Fabulous work, Lee. I think the only other question for you is how/when will you address the more long-term planning and strategy needs? Maybe once per month? At least once per quarter?

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