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    Since I started working with Téa, I’ve been able to identify my Big Why … Helping people stay true to themselves and thrive, because happy and fulfilled people make better parents, partners, friends, and community members. Our world needs happy, fulfilled people doing their thing.

    My personal story is that of rebirth and reinvention so it makes sense that my coaching approach revolves around these themes as well.

    The way I express my Big Why is by tuning into my passions and interests which revolve around mindfulness meditation and creating and expressing beauty. Gardening became the winning theme since my garden has always been my happy place. No loss for language when it comes to gardening:-)

    In the last few months, I updated my website to reflect the Mindful Gardener theme. I have also edited all pages to reflect my theme.

    Collaborations and partnerships . . . this is an area that I have to develop. It’s important to collaborate with like-minded professionals that can hold their own. In the past, I tried to collaborate with people and ended up doing all the heavy lifting. I want to have a strong brand and good programs in place before I reach out to potential partners. For now, my goal is to develop relationships and let things flow naturally.

    My services include one-on-one coaching, personalized retreats, online courses, and since I’ve been a reiki master for the last three years, I’d like to begin incorporating reiki into my practice.

    What do I need to do to improve my branding and what resources do I need to have?

    In the last couple of weeks, Téa challenged me to narrow my niche and become more specific. It took me a while and I finally narrowed it to working with empty nesters and help them identify what’s next for them. Got to admit, I wore some shoes off, dragging my feet through this door. Eventually, I put my butt down and started writing, confronting the fear of having nothing to say.

    I discovered that I have a lot to say. First of all, I’m in the process of becoming an empty nester myself. My twin girls are going off to college this summer. First and last kid out at once. Ouch.

    As I wrote, my story of reinvention and rebirth began to blend with endings and new beginnings, the Seasons of Change, and the Empty Nester syndrome. The tools, assessments, processes, and even the language that I have in my coaching toolbox. . .they all fit beautifully together. I’m in heaven.

    I need to:

    1) Launch a series of free coaching sessions for empty nesters. It will be my beta test program.
    2) Create my content strategy
    3) Begin to blog at least twice a month
    4) Send my newsletter out twice a month
    5) Review my offerings and tweak them accordingly
    6) Create a “public speaking” page for my website and list 3-5 speaking topics
    7) Find speaking venues
    8) Network / join groups
    9) Continue to develop my social media strategy, and
    10)Continue to work with my On Common Ground FB group.


    The D-Squad MM Group is a fabulous group of women who aren’t shy about speaking their mind. I love that.

    The DDR

    Books and fellow coaches

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    Tea Silvestre

    You’ve definitely nailed this assignment, Yota. I especially loved to hear this part: “The tools, assessments, processes, and even the language that I have in my coaching toolbox. . .they all fit beautifully together. I’m in heaven.” << YES! Your beta-testing conversations will yield all sorts of wonderful treasures you can use for the rest of your work/content. I truly can't wait to hear (and read) what you find.

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    Thank you for all your help, Téa. I’m looking forward to the beta-testing conversations.

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