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    After alot of thought and consideration, I’ve secured my weekly schedule that seems a bit scattered. If executed correctly, will be very productive and allow time for creativity, too.

    I teach at a college 2 mornings a week so this is why my own business schedule has been cut.

    Blog~ 1 hour
    Newsletter outline~ 1 hour
    *Clients + Follow up*

    Finalize blog~ 1 hour
    Finalize and send out newsletter~ 1 hour
    Website updates~ 1 hour
    College Prep~ 1 hour
    *Clients + Follow up*

    1/2 day
    Youth Yoga School Prep Time
    *clients + Follow Up*

    1/2 day
    CEO Time: 2 hours
    Update Accounting

    Open day/catch up/Fun Friday/Self Care
    College Prep~ 1 hour

    This feels like a great schedule. The system I need to work on the most is this schedule. It’s a tight schedule, but will try it for the first time next week. I’m open to changes, but need a system to become for efficient and productive during the week.

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    Tea Silvestre

    This is a great start, Stacey. What specific agenda(s) will you make for your CEO time? And where will you fit in other marketing activities (like in-person networking, speaking, etc.)?

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